Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Anyone want to scan me or soul dive me? Im interested in learning if im a fragment of a being that went on there own or not. Im curious lol.
Thank you.

I can tarot it but you’d have to dm me the appropriate question.

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Would anyone like to trade?

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Yes I would like to trade

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@anon35721968 While I was scanning you, I saw a marble of white energy, vibrating and pulsing. This marble enlarged itself and turned into a scenery of a valley full of beautiful flowers.
There was a sense tranquility and bliss in being in this scene. It was rather bright. Then I was a holding a flower, could’ve been a rose. I then knew that you were the flower in this marvelous garden. Then the flower transformed into a beautiful women, she may have been a faerie, but I felt she was more of a goddess. There was an air of virginal purity about you, the goddess I was seeing looked pale and almost very bright. She was the flower I was stroking. She reminds me of a goddess of fertility, more as the goddess Ostara. There is kindness and gentleness, yet your aura was vibrating very strongly and brightly. She had long white or blonde hair and a beautiful ethereal face. Her outfit was very frilly and faerie like

That is all I saw. :blush:


I feel incredible balance…between light and dark, theres a moon changing phases in the night sky…bringing a recent change within you, the stars connect as if you’ve sensed a new connection but are still working on how to move forward with it.

As I walk through pine trees their smell along with rosemary fills the air, a lady rests beneath a tree at one with all that is s all around her…
The elements are surrounding her in a magic circle …while feathers fall upon her shoulders…a close and in depth connection to the Spirit realms…communication flows with ease.
Her aura glow white…

A higher connection to knowledge she seeks a path that she has tweaked to meet her own personal needs.
An old style dress she wears dirtied by the Earth…for a goddess of heart and soul no stature required…

As I approach closer such a welcoming gaze for your intuition is strong…
There is a marking upon her wrist…and in the other hand she holds a yellow ribbon, the yellow representing creativity and wisdom, spirit are only but a whisper away for you…

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Thank you :blush: @Shani
that was a beautiful scanning
I can connect to the white energy and also
Can relate to Ostara “during Ostara the light and dark are in perfect balance” the light is growing and the Sun is about to burst forth with new energy” I’ve found that balance within yet have recently received a bust of new energy.

I can also understand the kindness and gentleness yet my aura vibrates with different representation.

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Aww amazing! I love you for this :heart: thank you. Yes It felt like the energies of Ostara and the season of welcoming spring, which is I felt something virginal pertaining to that.

Anyone want to trade?

This was no easy task for me :laughing:

I meditated on your energy from your account signeture and tried to picture the energy in a way with closed eye lids.

I saw a female dressed in a redish multi clolured armor of some kind and she was waving a staff of in her right hand. Her energy was white and pinkish.

She had possetive vibes and was showing off to me i belive.


I belive i got her name right know. But i will not mention it her i send you a pm if you like. :slight_smile:

I wish someone to scan me…I will offer a scan in return…x

I scanned you and you never returned it lol.

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I apologise, I am true to my word, I will give you a scan now if that is acceptable to you? X

Whoever would like to give me a scan in the PMs, I’ll be happy to return it.

No worries, but aye that’s acceptable to me lol.

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Thank you! A gift demands a gift! Better late then never!
Give me a few minutes to sort my shit out…x

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Rungr…if you want, have you a specific question in mind? X

None, whatever you find.

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someone scan me, ill scan back