Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

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Would anyone like to trade?

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Sure i will

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I see a black woman in a yellow dress wearing a yellow headdress grinning. In a separate visual I see a white man in business atire standing on a road near grass like he just arrived waiting for whomever. The man is saying “I’ve finally arrived at …”(happily) He’s in a good mood and by the way he carries himself he seems to be high status in some way.


Apologies @Lucidus_Troisieme I was at work…

Your scan is interesting…I shall have to think about it…I can not place yet.

Let me scan…

You draw me in…my bond to another does not like…the darkness consumes you…not just magically, you doubt the magic part though…
Ooo a sense of humour a little dark and naughty at times…
I see a male standing by a gate way…he smiles and I hear a guitar playing…the beat enters him,
As I approach closer I see a man dressed in all black but without shoes…hair of length tired back…no shoes I believe is symbolic…,

I see blue, green and red energy sweeping around him …You change your magic frequently and this results in you feeling many different energies within you…sometimes leaving you confused.

The gate way has two paths…Astro and hell
I would say your not confident at astro travel but you can do it…there are answers that lay within both paths…
A vision creator you are…You glance at me and show me a vision…, within your hands…

There’s an tattoo on you right arm…and scars glow upon your other arm …symbolic you will know…

You’ve never really left the path but have a journey ahead of you…

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Jeje its ok. A lot of things you said are spot on! Sense of humor that’s dark and naughty at times, the magic I’m working on sticking to only about 2 main types for a while to get a solid understanding. I have a self inflicted scar on my left arm, and I can astral travel, but like you said its not developed well. Thank you :roll_eyes::blush:

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Can i have a read?

I’m happy to trade… I would just need a few hours…@Azaroth if your happy to wait??

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Sure i will give yours in a little bit later…

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I smell the ocean in the air…and hear waves crashing against the rocks,
I can feel the sea spray…sea mist wraps around a figure in the distance, as I approach I can hear chanting, the figure standing with his feet in the sea.
There’s a blue energy that surrounds you, such an innocence still in magic as much as you may dabble in the LH you not in merged deep to taint your soul.

The figure has two black ribbons wrapped around each arm and has dark hair…but there’s a white strike (symbolic)

There’s links to the sky as the figure calls lightening down from the sky’s,

Can somebody scan me??Here’s a quick question…Will I get faster result while evoking the deity inside me comparing to other deities not inside of me…?

That depends on you and your soul isn’t a separate person so with that mentality you’d probably have less results. Just because we can evoke yourselves doesn’t make that what shows up separate it’s almost like evoking your subconscious mind where the information you learned between and during past reincarnations is. So you’re basically accessing that when you evoke yourself.

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Anyone want to trade?

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Sure ting

There is someone jumping a guard rail and then riding a skateboard.

I see a very large roman temple.

I see a lot of black cats just walking with their tails up.

Not sure if a man, but someone is on one knee holding a standing persons hand like a proposal or out of honour.

Theres 2 kids talking about an easy way to open their third eye.

I see someone astral projecting and then sitting down in a seat near some entity to talk.

Someone is speaking of baneful magick.



There is a vast expanse of nothing but light and dark. There is an obvious split between the two but no visible line.
I see a malicious demon. It looks like it was once a human woman (like from the movie The Possession). It has red eyes, no legs and appears to be rotting. It looks like it’s trying to drag someone down with it.
Occasionally I see a very decorated angel, but this is an illusion from the demon. It’s attempting to trick whoever it’s attached to.

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hey guys is it possible if any of you can scan me? just a heads up im kinda new to this so please bare with me lol

Hey could you scan me , please. Want to see what’s around me( spirits , entites). Although, I don’t know how to scan people though :frowning:


Hey can I get a scan please? I’ll attempt a scan back and see if it resonates with you.