Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Thank you so much. I’m sorry for the slow response I’m in the middle of making dinner. I will return the reads shortly.

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So is no one want to scan me? Lol

No-one want to trade then?

I can trade.

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Scan away brother!

I will trade brother!

When you are ready!

Okay so I tried to scan you some more, but I called out to your higherself and asked him if he could show himself out at a little bit. I think he’s not wanting me to show anything else about your God form. I feel your energy. Its almost as if he’s being stealthy and prefers solitude. So I won’t be disrespectful.


@Shani I see your aura pulsing and bubbling, readying to expand and grow. It’s almost violent and reminds me of the process going on inside a cocoon. A short time of painful stasis, as your higher self is preparing you for a new chapter in your life. This song plays in my head as I focus on your energy.

Your hand rests on the pulse of this world, I feel the steady rhythm of it flutter against my fingers as I hold there for a moment. I see a woman alone in a cave, naked, crouched and wild. Her pale flesh covered in blood, mud, and campfire ash. Her face is tear stained, hair tangled and long, stag like horns grow from her head. She sits with pregnant belly, trying to isolate and protect the life growing inside her. So much pain and rage, she does what she has to do, fights the weariness, the hollow ache of loneliness as she waits for her mate to return.
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Would you like to go first or should I?

Up to you really I don’t mind either or.

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Ty, please go first.

Will do

Thank you for scanning me hun! :heart:

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The moment I scan you I get this visual of a 6 winged angelic woman, her wings spread out in all directions, the color of her feathers a white with golden hues, her clothing a long robe that flows with her movements. The area she’s in seems like a stone temple and she is standing on a pedestal as if she was once stone but is no longer. The energy she’s giving off is this soothing, almost vibrant hum that seems to wash over you. She feels like light in terms of the elemental energy but not the cliche light many try to associate with angels but the burning firey light that they have. When she steps down from the pedestal her wings move lightly as she settles before me.
The smell of the energy around us is almost like being in an open field and it’s spring, her skin is almost like silver and her eyes are this crystal blue, when I look further into her energy I see this underlying energy, it still feels like light but it’s more aggressive, like she is not just a “pretty face” but one who can step up and set fire to what she needs to do, to cleanse what needs to be cleansed even if it’s simply her own will to do so.
When I look to her hands one hand has a glowing yellow/golden orb that feels like she’s holding a miniature sun, the other hand holds a sword one that is coated in fire. She feels like she is one of ‘magick and might’ if I had to put them into words. When I thank her for her appearance I get this voice that is almost soft but carries a strong base behind it, it seems to come from every direction within this place, or at least it feels like such. Her voice tells me that she was long since asleep but now she’s awakened, and pointed to the stone pedestal.

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Anyone Want To Swap Scans With Me?

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Alright Want Me To Go First?

Sure thing

I See A Dark Skinned Person,Black Short Choppy Hair, Very Genderless Looking With Black Robes, Dark Wings, Golden Eyes, Very Carefree Yet Stern. With Stars Surrounding Him, Holding A Spear. And A Silver Ring. Sandals, Egpytian Makeup. With The Eye Of Horcus Drawn On. Has A Ladys Chest. With A Butterfly Landing On Their Finger.

Thats What I See