Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Anybody up to trade?

@Sha I would like to trade scans.

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Would love to.

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Alright, let’s do. I’ll scan you after the job, at home cus I still need to finish something. Is that okay to you?

Yeah, always ~ Would you like me to check your godform or something else do you have in your mind?

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Hello Miss, would you like to trade

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Yes, of course. I will try to do your scan today.

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I went looking for literal god connections first. I got:

  • Osiris, loud and clear, particularly his father/lover/husband form, there’s a strong family element here, and a protection/blessing over you within the family sphere (Note: clairaudient message: that protection/blessing is over you adult family, not so much childhood family) of you life.
  • Something Bacchanalian, without actually being Bacchus. I don’t know, I pulled back when I got that sensation (so the lack of info is on me), I’m still working through some unwillingness on my part to go near that sort of god energy, apologies.
  • Something Nordic (I don’t know who, I only got feelings on this one, not names), who wanders around after battles, sees what potential was lost, and feels sad for humanity.
  • Malphas. You are quite the misunderstood healer aren’t you? He loves (if only I could triple underline, and put that word in flashing neon to convey the strength and pervasiveness of emotion here) your potential and what lies at the deepest parts of your heart. He approves of how one something is better/more enlightened/achieved on your part, it’s that way for someone else to. Message “It’s one thing to be god like, but to be a god, one must be remembered as such, and by doing godly things that is achieved.” He feels you live this ideal.
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For you, I first saw the outline of the goat head, the one you typically see inside the inverted pentagram. A black rose drug across muted red lips, the woman had a short tight curled haircut. Her skin was pale in a way that reminded me of an old black and white photograph. She had a very early 1900’s burlesque look to her. From there both a brass chalice and a black inverted triangle sitting inside a human chest.

A male demon, his face obscure, but he wears a pair of bull horns, each one with an ornate golden ring near the base. A green dragon shape that looks like a small fireworks as it dances with itself rising into the sky. Something repeatedly being X’ed out with an unhappy unsatisfied feeling.


I’d be willing to trade godform scans if someone is willing to. It’ll be nice to see what other’s get of my godform.

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I’d be interested in a trade.

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I’ll bite! :slight_smile:

For you, I see an eyeless metallic carp, like a fish made of armor. It opens its mouth on a mechanism like a snapping turtle, opening the way with its jaw and shimmying down it with its fins. I’m reminded of some kind of ancient piranha like creature, very foreign and very invasive. It’s like a silverfish, neat! :slight_smile:

@Narsonix @Xag_darklight good scans! :slight_smile:

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Sounds like fun, you want to do it over PM or in the thread here?

Pm please

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@Qayos I see a being of fire and stone, burning as it walks through a volcanic plain (plane?). strong fingers grasping your physical self from the immaterial, keeping you warm from the arctic cold of the air around the space. Whether the fingers wrap and hold you, or the being emanates from you, I can’t tell for sure, maybe both.

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That’s a good read, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Ye, ofc. I can add you to my list too for today.

Yes please :slight_smile:

Now on to the god form scan (i.e., your god form)

I see: Purple, black, and smoky grey/white; a large (both large and powerfully wife) black robed (and hooded) skeleton like being (this is the god form you) with it’s hands resting protectively in your shoulders. The skeleton head is a horned bull’s head. I get the message that is skeleton form for now, and as you ascend/learn, the muscles/flesh/features will grow.

I hear: A soft swirling energy vortex. Brahm’s lullaby (haven’t got a clue why, but I have a feeling it’s my subconscious filter emphasising the very calm, solid, centred nature I’m getting from you).

I feel: A tongue bite (why? what are you holding yourself back from? What do you know that you are yet to share?). The comforting squeeze of protective/encouraging hands on my shoulders.

I smell: Red wood smoke, ambre, frankincense.

I taste: Ocean water, the blood of a freshly bitten tongue

I touch: A semi-solid aura surrounding the skeleton god-form, but it’s slippery (a gentle way of making me let go…I have a feeling I’d get an outright slap if I didn’t get my paws off lol)

I can do a personal (life level reading) over PM if you’re interested?


On a side note, I thought I’d spent 3-5 minutes reading you (max)…turned out I spent about 20 submerging myself in your god form without realising it…I feel calmer and more centred/grounded for having done so though, so thank you for letting us all scan :slight_smile:

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Up for a trade?