Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Anybody wanna scan trade?

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I see a spiril staircase in clouds that leads to large a section of books that few have access too.

You are being lead by a beautiful woman who I can barely see but it’s like she is almost sneaking you in so some of the knowledge can be shared and some of it kept with you.


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I will like to request for a scan. I’ve not scanned anyone before. Thanks

Theres a Blue Pentagram burning,it looks ancient yet new i see leafs fly away from it as i see it,i am being pulled in it,there it goes into a spiral i can see a circle inside it with an X sign swrilling it.


So is it like a portal?

Thank you. @Xag_darklight


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Does someone mind explaining to me what god scanning is?

Depends on your belief it could be scanning your higher self or in my own concept your true self whatever it may be. God/ddess, Demon, etc.

Yes but what is the action of scanning? ._.

Reading someone’s energy, or if you go further in depth in the scan you can see their true form, the form of their true self/their soul.

You feel that you are on a mixed path seeing the truth, you are an old soul strong and wise, i feel light in you, like angelic Light.

Building you aslo have depths of personal darkness, you belong on a special group and tribe of spirits.

Can I get a scan?

What do you mean by this? @Xag_darklight

When I scanned you I see this pool of liquid darkness, there’s this deep thrumming sound that comes from the center and spreads outward, there’s this really oily smell to it but there’s no malicious feeling from it. When I look further into the energy it opens up to this place that’s night and a large moon that cast light on a lot of dead trees and barren land, further into this landscape there’s this somewhat tall cloaked being, the figure seems male but I can only seem it wearing a long black cloak that looks like the energy from the pool, his eyes are golden but black where the whites should be.

I see you in a well lit forest. Your form it’s almost angelic. You wish to delve into the darker parts of the forest (your soul) but are currently questioning how to go about doing it.

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Anyone mind doing mine?

I’ll trade if you go first. @Hyze

Someone wanna trade with me?

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I will trade :blush:

@Brand_New I see a camp fire (your soul) inside of a dark cave. There’s a formless being (you) next to the fire. I believe the fire signifies questions of personal significance. You are trying to expand your personal horizons in an almost philosophical way. The being and the fire become one. What is created appears almost like a human shape silhouette of a solar eclipse.


Oh sweet I think the solar eclipse might represent the baby.

I see paradise, flowers that are purple, pink and blue. Large beautiful trees, a clear stream a waterfall. All of this is within in seeing.

I see your back and you aren’t covered well. Your hair has a slight curl to it. However you car chained at your ankles and wrists. Like you can see the paradise but can’t interact with it.