Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Sure. Want me to go first?

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If you don’t mind :slight_smile:

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I asked for a scan and never got a reply if the answer is yes or no. Now I see this post. Well, I guess I could use more practice to read stuff on this forum - not familiar with so many options here lol

Right hand.
Collar bone
Right foot.

You have 8 or 9 links to something. 3 dark 5 or 6 white.
Your heart ans solar plexus arw strong

When scanning you I see numbers and mathematical equations coming up. Along with these, different various geometric shapes. Not like the simple triangle, square or circle. I also got the sense of you having angelic beings within your energetic space. Metraton too. (Might have spelled his name wrong).


Really, what?

Imma request one but i myself dont frequently scan so it might not be that accurate

Ps:if you dont mind send me the scan per pm

Really. I didnt think i had that


Weren’t sure if you had Angels around you? I’m pretty certain of it, especially Metraton too, “he’s” (I don’t really see a gender with him) pretty distinct in scans for me.

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A scan would be kinda helpful for me in my current situation.
(I will prolly be not able to give a scan as I am pretty weak at it and i am not really in the correct circumstances)

I do scan trades, it would help with your ability to scan if you practice? Do you want me just to give you a general scan and see what I pick up or something specific?

Scann me please

I guss i can if you want to try

Wanna swap ? I’m at work but îl do yours when i finish thanks

Would anyone like to trade? I’ve never done one before so I can’t promise how great mine would be. I would like to give it try though.


How deep do you want

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Deep is good thanks :pray: îl do yours shortly in few hrs when i get home

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Alright, lets begin. What do you need from me (infos, etc)

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