Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

I honestly couldn’t say, what you you think they would be chanting?

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I’m up for a soul dive/scan trade.

no idea either.

Anybody up for a trade?

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I am :slight_smile:


Something very elemental going on with your energy.

There’s a sort of…“thrumming” I get.

A thrumming darkness. It’s deep and very dark alternately rotating one way or the other. (I also got an impression of blue)

I got a blast of cold wind and saw glimpses of a snowy landscape like on the side of a mountain or where the mountain meets a valley.

But the darkness kept coming over that.

A cavern of some sort. Many eyes, like various critters.

I saw a flash of a spiders “face”, it’s eyes and whatnot. Seemed rather large.

Suddenly all the critters started moving around as if to get away and hide. I realized they felt very gentle.

I pushed back to the snowy landscape.

A light blizzard or flurry of snow was going on and I could see the cave entrance or something.

It was hard to hold onto the landscape as I kept getting sucked back into that pitch black darkness.

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Interesting, I wonder what that means - when you said something elemental is going on…air/water were the elements present in the scan you gave me. Since snow is a form of water.

Let me scan you now :slight_smile:

Your Scan:
When scanning you, I get a image of a young man (representation) wearing oversized clothing – at a closer inspection I notice that his nails (hands and feet) end in sharp points…much like cats or other animals that have claws. There’s a tail that waving around behind him…his hair is wavy/messy and greasy and his mannerism is almost childish. Which seems related to his choice of oversized clothing as his body is much to small for them. He’s juggling a deck of cards in the air, performing some sort of Magick trick. He’s got a big smile on his face.

The oversized clothing made me think it was more of a message rather then literal form of style. Something about “taking on more then you can handle”…

I got that you should take on his mannerism, and laid-back almost playful nature/careless nature

Then about connecting with your instinctual side (his claws and tail, representing the animalistic side of him)…

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Can I have a scan

Haha, I really like that scan.

Pretty cool.

Reading that gives me a sense of childlike innocence

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Scan please

Scan trade?

So taking a look at your chakras here. Root chakra seems fine, Sacral chakra is fine, Solar Plexis is fine but not very visible, it looks smaller, Heart chakra has some grief energy around it, Throat chakra is fine, Third Eye chakra is fine and psychically open, I can feel mine reacting to it when I focus on yours. Crown chakra is fine but it’s just sort of open, not as open as your Third Eye. Your energy to me feels a bit nervous. I try thinking what advice there is for you, and I keep getting something about a woman or girl, I think relative so, or someone close/on your mind. I try thinking ‘what about her’ and get she’s going through stuff. I ask ‘what’s the advice’ and it seems to be not to worry about her. She might be giving you trouble. But she seems to be in a chaotic state herself. Anyway, I hope this was on point.

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Hello, been very busy these last few days. I’ll be sure to return your scan for you today. Thanks!

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Your Scan:

When scanning you, I see a man with horns and…goat legs…with hooves…around him I see women (like 2-3 of them?) And the environment is one of laughter and cheerfulness. It actually looked like he was in some sort of bar…or tavern or something. I didn’t get the sense of the relationship between the man and the women but it seemed to be like a familial type of relationship? As close as family or good friends. Although I’m guessing good friends given the environment. The man has a mug with beer in it and he seems relaxed and just laid back in his mannerisms. He engorges himself with food, I’ve noticed too… he is the center of attention and he seems to be telling stories. Although I can’t actually hear what’s being said, just the understanding of stories being told, similar to how you might with a group at a campfire at night.

There’s almost a giddy feeling to the scan, like his energy…very cheerful and very careless maybe to a fault.

Also the man didn’t seem demonic at all, despite the horns…seemed more nature oriented. You might have nature spirits around you. That’s the feeling I got. Very cheerful ones at that lol.

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Scan? Interesting. I know some people can see at a distance. On the last live of Koettig, I saw a black dragon just behind him for a couple of seconds. Well if someone here can see my appearance in it’s true form, Id be the first that wants the information. Since I know which my incarnation is.

Scan trade?


Disclaimer; I am still new to scanning, so don’t expect to much accuracy.

When first scanning you with the intention to get a glimpse at your souI, I got some images of something that looked like a star, it was difficult for me to get closer to it. This focal point went from black to white and seemed to be in space, I would interpret that it’s some sort of singularity. I also got an image of a deer, and the moon, so there’s that too. When looking for your chakras they all seemed sorta flowery to me, but I can’t really say much else. End of scan.

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Your Scan:

When scanning you, I see a person with who’s energy is in a bit of a balancing act. The image of this comes up:

Your energy appears to me like water and I see it flowing back and forth, and folding in on itself. It’s movement is airy so I got a hint of that in it too. Your energy appears to me as a grey color…embracing both the light and darkness - very much in the middle between the two. This is both meant for your internal and external world.

I also got the sense that some things might feel chaotic but it’s all within the process of achieving and maintaining inner balance. Although currently it’s more about maintenance. The feeling of being unsteady on your feet even when to others you are grounded might be a way to describe how the chaos might feel. Kind of like a hurricane but where the eye of the hurricane is calm.