Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Right on! Thanks :+1:

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If anyone wants to do a soul dive, I’m up for it.

im up for it but i never heard of so it. so idk how to do one I have done scans of the souls before but have not done a soul dive :frowning:


A soul dive is basically scanning someone’s essence/energy to get an idea of where their soul comes from/is. So it’s like scanning but like a more direct scan of someone’s essence (dive) to understand their origin, what type of energy they consist of/etc.

I think scanning the soul and soul diving are synonymous.

It’s always worth a try!

I see a valley covered in dense fog, I hear dogs barking but they are running in the fog and I can’t see them. Purple lanterns light up the view, in a cross pattern, as if to highlight something in the center.

I feel sadness, and an overwhelming urges to rub my eyes. Try as I might I can’t get to the center to see what is there, the harder I try hear a girls laughter, it’s hollow and sad, as if it mocks.

I push myself through and the fog dissipates, it’s sunny, the valley is green and a mountain takes shape in distance. It’s pleasant, warm but further ahead is a shack, a man in it is loading a gun. He holds a grudge.

That’s all I saw, I hope it resonates with you, I found it very confusing compared to other peoples

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Hmm, not sure to be honest. But thanks for the scan. Give me a minute to scan you now.

Your scan:

The first image that came up was of a very large glass-like dome-structure. My perspective during the scan was from inside the dome looking straight up at the “ceiling” of it. I saw the light coming down through the dome and when it passed through the “glass” of the dome, many different colors would shine through. It was kind of like when you see a rainbow on a rainy day because of the sunlight going through the various water droplets in the sky. Like that but through the dome ceiling. This image of the dome came up multiple times.

I also got a airy feeling from your energy and around you. Image of feathers came up to symbolize how “light” (weight wise) your energy felt to me. I got that very same feeling while inside the dome. Inside the dome on the ground, everything was covered in foliage with various tropical looking plants making up the inside. There was a wooden chair at the center of the dome, like in a small clearing from all the various plants foliage within.

When I tried to scan outwards, I didn’t see much of anything. Seemed like it was almost suspended in the air. The sky all around and even below me (no ground under the structure) was bright blue. Couldn’t tell where the “sun” was given the immense brightness of the surroundings.

I feel kinda like I got “transported” somewhere while scanning you. Maybe there is some sort of connection you have to this place. I will also make note that I did get the sense that you have angelic or beings of light (energy type) around you. They might have some connection to this area as well.

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That seems about right unfortunately, thank you, it’s a nice confirmation of some things I thought were happening.

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I’m up to a scan trade. Anyone?

I have had readings and experiences that show angels around me, but they tend to not help towards my aims and they interfere with my work with demons. I have no I’ll will towards angels and would gladly work with them instead but I never have any success with them. While with demons very impressive things have happen.

I have actually had demons push me towards angels, but still no real results anytime I try. Your reading has given me a reason to go back and try again. It’s just unfortunate because I am completely convinced demons work, angels I just haven’t really seen it.

If you had an angel that came to mind in your reading I would love hear it. I want to do all I can to make this a positive experience, instead of a fruitless one.

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I got a sense that you had some sort of connection with the angels and the place I saw during your scan. I also felt that type of energy around the place and around you. I didn’t get any specific individual though.

I’m up for a trade.

Can I get a scan please?

Can I get a scan?

strangely you described my dream as just recently i saw a dream where two guys were fighting each other.

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What were they chanting i wonder?

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I honestly couldn’t say, what you you think they would be chanting?

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I’m up for a soul dive/scan trade.