Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

A quick note that Authority has been banned, so he will not be replying to anyone. He was a previously banned member trying to return.

How was he able to reply earlier?

He wasn’t banned then.

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Guess I just missed him

Can I get a scan will rescan

@mth_yesco Me and my mother share a lot of similarities in our natal charts and it’s obviously a karmic relationship. We’ve mostly been fine though, but this Pre-Lifetime Karma force that has been heavily involved in my life is once again - lagging behind. There’s nothing to deal with because we foiled their crap before they could start it. Do I like my Mum a great deal? No, but that goes for most people, and I do appreciate her a lot. You’re definitely picking up something though, cause I’ve had dreams and stuff happen lately but it’s all so irrelevant to how my life turned out that it just pisses me off. Thanks though.

@Silverleaf Thanks :slight_smile: Let’s see… your energy feels deep and wise. Quiet. The chakra that sticks out the most is the solar plexis though, which is issues with self-worth. I’ll go through them all - root: fine, sacral: fine, less visible than root. solar plexis: there’s a smudge of energy over it, heart: fine, throat: fine, third eye: good, open, my third eye reacts to it. Crown: good, open. I’m not good at metaphoric visions, I just try to feel out “what could help this person”. I’m getting something about challenges being ahead. That’s not nice… “What will help with the challenges” I ask, and get believing in yourself. That’s good, that at least means you’ll be able to handle them. To make sure this doesn’t worry you I asked “Should Silverleaf be worried about this?” and I heard back, no. I hope this is helpful.


@Encore19 So tried to do the same thing to you ,your chakras seem different , Mix of like a vortex of back and white flames spinning around , lots of points around your body , work in unison all seem fine but the heart chakra maybe seem bit more full of dark flames than white ones spinning into a vortex as well ,i asked if you should know something and i saw a change of perspective you should have there is a small picture that you are focusing on and are not seeking what’s around it the whole point , i see webs of fate and destiny around you being woven by a cosmic entity . A whole new painting . Thanks for the scan wish you the best .


Hello, let’s swap scans

Sure go first @mth_yesco

Hi I’m new here can I get a scan plzzz

Hey id like a scan please & thanks in advance!

this sounds so interesting! would someone like to scan me as well? I don’t know how to return the favor but I would much appreciate it if someone could scan me.

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