Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Hello @N.M.Ginnarr :slight_smile: .

For sure! In PM or in this thread?

Take your time, whenever you feel ready feel free to start. I can and will begin in the meantime along work everyone else.


I could really use a scan I would really appreciate it

Just arrived home , so trying to get back with scanning in the last few days hope i get it right

Saw a vortex first vision being composed of blue and white looking a big like the water .
Someone or something celebrates for you , may be an ending or a recent accomplishment or something waiting to happen , he’s happy for you . Saw a black sun one part was black other was the moon .

Then saw you are waiting for something to happen patient may be also talking about some journey , vacantion .( Saw you waiting for a bus in a nice suit with a business case )

Saw a spider maybe arachne ? ( That may be biased tho was a stinky bug near me when i did the scan xD .

Bats lots of bats flying in the sky flying around in same pattern clockwise like .
Oh forgot almost saw visions of a kind of distorted cross .( Crucifix)
Looking a bit like third one from top just bit more curved on points on right side

Maybe was thor cross not sure

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Not my reading but how can I scan soul I want a scan but can’t scan back cos I don’t know how to scan souls😶

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Yes. What is your question? You can do for me general scan.

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ok, I would like to know from the spirit called Tahkayat if in the year 2023 there will really be 3 days of darkness on planet earth, send me in private

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i see a beautiful indian palace the name indra comes to my mind i think it must be his palace i see a beautiful mountain and on top of the mountain is a palace but now it is a chinese palace and i see a chinese god flying above the palace

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Burning water…imagine a lake that has been covered with oil is ablaze. A 12 pointed star can be seen hoovering above the flames, the color of the star itself is golden the space in between seems like a portal and I have no idea where it leads, whether it’s physical or literal remain to be seen. I can see a young man nearing his thirties with fairly dark straight, short dark brown hair and eyes that looks like this in the spiritual vision. Standing in the middle of the burning black waters, the colors are orange/yellow. It’s like the flames have formed a circle around the waters where he stands.


Unclear if that’s the true color, as the flames cast reflections unto the eyes. Each point of the star contains a doorway, that seemingly waits to be explored. In the young man’s right hand, he holds a black key that has this shape.

There are 6 more hanging on a metal band. The young man seemingly stands there making up his mind about whether he wishes to go through the lower door or not. And above all where it may lead to. There is doubt here about what he’s doing here. The black waters below him stirs seemingly boils and other lights that looks the moon is hanging above and are casting reflection onto the trouble waters can be seen. I turn my gaze upwards, and it seems there’s a lunar eclipse going on:


The moon cast ominous dark orange reflections on the troubled waters, and it seems you have a choice to make stay and face whatever is boiling up to the surface or enter the gate before you, whatever it may be.

That’s all I got for you. I believe if you pick apart the symbolism because this was littered with it, I guess it will likely make sense.

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Anyone want to trade readings in dms?

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Im out and about right now and it been awhile for me sencise I last did a scan and my phone about to die right now but I can try and scan in few hours when I’m home I would appreciate a scan I just can’t give one intell a few hours from now

Feedback & Scan

The vorex sounds to me like a wirlpool, like this but comprised out of energy?

It’s a bit vauge but it kind of make sense, what I mean is the water could be my emotional state but also “portal” if the vortex is made out of energy which it sounds like based on what you described. The part about celebrating is true both in the mundane , recently passed my bachelor degree thesis was approved and signed. But in a spiritual sense, let’s just say I’ve been spending time learning new ways of creating magickal tools, some of which I should’ve created long time ago. The black sun and moon combined (?). Refers to many things too vast to get into on here but it holds a potent meaning for me as I’ve been working on unifying the pillar of severity and mercy along the middle pillar for some time now, and it’s time to finish what I started along that path a long time ago, because the next step is now on the horizon. I am receiving a few downloads as we speak what it may lead to but enough about that, nice work noticing that.

It depends, yeah that could be the case based on your description :wink: . But not so fast it could relate to the Tunnels of Set as Arachne if you follow Asenath Mason way of connecting to the tunnels, Arachne is one of the prime entities pertaining to the journey through them. I’ve been prolonging this as I have yet to fully climb the tree on both sides in their totality. The fifth sphere has been keeping me occupied for quite some time, as there have been times when I’ve given up and taken breaks due to its intensity. I’ll need to wait and see regarding this though as there are things I need to clear up before moving on.

Looks like someone have a few things to discuss with me especially if you couple this with what @Epsilon_The_Imperial managed to pick up especially when coupled with the imagery of the forest and impaled people.

One could say it’s just a strange coincidence, but I don’t think so, yet…

Anyway. Thanks to both of for this, it means a lot.

Now to your scan @Silverleaf.

Again with the water theme… but it seems the waters for you is rather still This isn’t too far off:


The thing is instead of beach you were standing in the middle of a shallow, translucent, water landscape with a clear endless sky above and no land in sight. All of a sudden clouds gather, and a reversed tornado, if you can imagine that, appears from nowhere and cascades into the waters


The color of the tornado is about the same as the image above, but with a cold blue light coming from it as some portions of the tornado disperses. Bringing with it thunderclouds, and it feels like it’s brewing up for a storm.

The water stirs and a giant sea serpent arises from the waters as it appers rather dark now and very deep. This is about as close as it gets:


But the color of it is marine blue, bordering to black where water is running of its scales, it’s peering at you with yellow reptilian eyes and opening laying its head down on the surface of the waters which now has been stirred, and it rains and opens its massive jaws waiting for you to go inside it.

To me this seemingly screams a bit of Leviathan I wouldn’t get as far so to say that this is the Midgard serpent (Jörmungangr) as that serpent is a different breed and looks a bit different, but I can’t see the rest of the body but the portion that is visible is massive. Before you hangs a black leathery book that seemingly is connected to the dark tree of night. The serpent here is usually alongside of it, but it seems the serpent is waiting for you to make a decision if to start the process to begin the climb beyond the first gate of Namaah unless you’re traversing this sphere already, and that’s what I am picking up on.

The or it could be engaging in working with Leviathan itself, if you do that’s really intresting by the way.

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Strange… I can’t make heads or tails about this, need to spend some time contemplating the info and see if there’s anything in here. As at first glance, something doesn’t sit quite right. I’ll let you know if I find anything. But enough jabbering, on to your scan @crookedpathfinder :

Strange, I see a person coming out of a golden triangle of manifestation, each corner has an eye attached to it. The person is covered in a dark robe, so it’s a bit difficult for me to visually tell the gender of the person. The aura is golden yellow though, seems to be very determined though as each step he/she takes produces red/silvery rings on a viscous black type substance. In addition to the gateway he came out from which glows with a red and orange flaming aura. The eyes look like this:

But they are at each corner, and they of course look more “real”. Near the person I assume to be you, I can see near you


As silly as this looks its about 75% accurate in terms of how the eyes behaved and looked:


But imagine…faceless humanoid looking beings, absorbing all light near them making them very dense, look obsidian given flesh. They have no eyes, yet it appears as if they’re watching you intently, just staring at you waiting for you to take a step beyond the glowing lights beyond the gate you exited from. In your right hand I see you have a dark rock like a volcanic rock to be exact:


The shadows seem to want to interact with that and you, but it’s like there’s an invisible wall that prevents you from fully perceiving them. Meaning; you don’t perceive them, but you know they’re there. These shadows or husks in turn; they see and know you’re at their doorstep, but they can’t interact with you, yet. There’s a piece of the puzzle that’s missing, and I can’t determine what it is. But I can’t much more the image keep returning to the same place whenever I am trying to hone in more. That’s all I’ve got. It’s pretty rare that I find someone who either has made contact or- worse yet, wants to willingly make contact with them. They’re a scary bunch, and I would be really careful if you want to plunge into this type of workings.

That’s all I’ve got regarding you, hopefully it resonates. Let me know what you think.

All the best.

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Can I get a scan? Will scan back.

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Anyone want to trade it been a while since I done a snace so I might not be the most accurate scene but I can try scans someone want to trade

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I’ll trade

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Man, you just blew my mind dude.

I actually had to let the chills and tingles subside after reading this. Had to walk it off it was so good.

That resonates hard. :open_mouth:

I might know what that triangle of manifestation is about too. Lol

You’ve given me (or relayed) a message it seems.

You saw quite a bit, and you have my respect.

I tip my hat to you


Alright who want to trade ?

You can get a scan from me if you’d like, although you and @nohearth will be the only two requests until tomorrow I’ll take. As I’ll have both of the scans ready by then. As of right now, I have a few things to take care of. Sound good?


Sound good thank you

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