Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Spells around me, parasites etc…

What kind of read do you want?

For me I’d like to see about Ra

Is there anything else you’d like me to see, I don’t want to pick up parasites

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Sure! We can exchange scans too

Just do a read of what I need to see, I guess.

A lot of the bad went away.

Seems like you have a lot going on in your head, many many thoughts, clear your mind and try to relax

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I’ll look into your incubus

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Ok, there was a monstrous looking entity, didn’t look like your incubus, I called Lucifer for protection, he sent him away

It was a parasite

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I light colored sand. It’s not moving nor is it imprinted, prestine.

On the sand is a pyramid, each layer is clear and concise, each block defined. It looks recently built, but other were there before.

The sky light blue, the temperature very comfortable, like everything is set up to learn, reminds me of a classroom the first day.

On top of the pyramid is a small lit torch and I see the Eye of Ra watching over.

Takeaway: it looks like everything is set up

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Do you see anything?

Hello I don’t know how to scan so I can’t give u reading but would be helpful if u can give one I’m curious about my soul one girl said I have a very complex soul structure so she can’t further continue to scan
Sry if I sound rude eng is not my first lang

Thanks a lot!
The incubus has been protecting me lately from something with a kind of white circle, so it’s quite possible. When you do magic like this you can attract a lot of unwanted visitors.

In your case I can see that you are being watched by a woman. She is a sacred entity with a lot of power, quite possibly demonic. At the moment he is not physically interacting with you, he just has you in his sights.
She seems to be curious about you and your energy. She appears as a very tall figure with some jewelry.

There is something red in her appearance, but I can’t see well if it is reddish hair or reddish eyes. She is not a bad thing for you, I think she can teach you many things if you approach her.

Thank you! I saw that some small part of Yamushta’s energy was still present, but Azazel said that it was not important and there was no problem in this (as far as I understood, this energy would disappear or dissipate). Other entities are not a hindrance, but for some reason Azazel pointed to some “internal blocks”.

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Yes. I decided to ask Attakeria about your higher self and he said the following: “Light with dark roots.” Then I saw a white sphere similar to the sun with a yellowish tinge (“what is inside”, in the words of Attakeria). Then this sphere was transformed into a young man, from whom a slight glow emanated (it seems that either the energy of the elements of air or ether emanated from him). He was dressed in clothes similar to Greek or Roman. “Dark roots” seems to be related to your current work with certain spirits.

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I’m ready for another scan…

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what is your question?

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Maybe general scan or you can scan what you want.

What should I scan?

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ok I will do a general scan, I would like to know if Satolas knows any powerful incantation to awaken the spiritual senses to the maximum so that the trance state is no longer necessary to communicate with the spirits, send me in private


Can I get a scan?

i see Attakeria in her ignis draco form talking to some oriental looking dragons i see her energetic body i see her kundalini serpent coiled in her muladhara chakra i see she is eager to ascend through her chakras giving to her chakras a lot of power, I feel like your kundalini really wants you to work with it