Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!


Hi sorry the delay. Thanks for that.
I saw fire in some woods and a woman standing in the middle, she was calm, in control so I guess it was her fire, kinda. Than I saw the point of view of someone or something flying, it felt good, natural, something calmly. Linking the two I would bet in some dragon connection here, maybe some goddess related with dragon, or you’re related or draw to dragons somehow.
I felt something twisting, and this gave me the feeling of confusion, like if you were in a confused state, I got some stressed and chaotic energy too, like if you were dealing with some problem right now that is make you feel confuse and stressed which is generating a chaotic energy of some sorts.
This is it. Hope something resonates with you :slight_smile:

For you I saw a mushroom and a blade like a dagger, that gave me an uneasy feeling.

I saw a dry desert, some explosions coming from beneath. Than I got the feeling of be hit, like been punched, I saw horses running, than a dancer spinning like in those music box and the word loop came to my mind, finally I saw a mirror cracking. My interpretation is that you’re been putting down, you’ve been suffering from hits, probably not literally, but like from life, you’ve been trying to run from those problems that keeps coming up but is a loop, you never succeed in outrun and they catch and you run again, like an endless dancing, you should face them so don’t be “cracked”, don’t be broken.
This is it. I hope something resonates with you :slight_smile:

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That resonates with me a lot so thank you, I am going through a stressful time and have looked recently into draconic magic. Lost my job recently and have been in a confused place spiritually so thank you.

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This does resonate and help me so thankyou :blush:

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Hi, who was this to?

Thanks very much, tho I really want to ask if you could dig what that is/means?

And I scanned you too, or your life/path in general.:

Two paths you can take. Have to make a leap

It is cold and harsh, but help is provided at every step

I see courage in you, resilience in you

A cunningness

(Just realized you didnt ask for it but as I said I’d trade so yeah :grin: )

Let me know if it hits the point. Tho I want to say I was heavily gaming since yesterday so mind was filled with random heroes, but they offered the above insight in the visions.

I’d like to ask another scan too :smiley: or a trade. Should be insightful

I’d like a scan please.

Your energy is very interesting. I see black behind you and your form is an even darker color but there is this ball of golden light where your solar chakra is that shines in you and through your eyes. I’m not sure what this means but it’s hauntingly beautiful.

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@Daughterofman Thankyou for this, i wish i new how to scan so i could repay the favor.

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Profile - Xag_darklight - Become A Living God Not sure if I’m a pro at this but I’ll give it a shot be sure to scan me back after you reply and read this through, for I see little halos of lights red and green a lot like Christmas lights changing colors, a young lad reads a novel with the titles little do I know, and in his other hand a knife🔪he’s getting up and stabbing the book in rage I see pure hatred, oh god, sorry but that’s as close to hell as I’m scanning, your godly auras intense man, I’m just explaining what I’m seeing and scanning with my physic insights I’m no pro nor am I a certified psychic but I know the unseen world tis real and that everyone’s born and bread psychic whether they see it or not, respond ASAP, Multiverse Blessings. This scans for Profile - Xag_darklight - Become A Living God

I have changed a lot of things in my practices and my life so I would love to swap a scan with anyone. Interested in seeing how it varies

I see dark green energy with black at the edges, it whirls like a distant nebula but seems obscured by some sort of force or black mist. I feel annoyance more than anything, but minor like someone being bothered by a sibling. Then I see a long hallway with many rooms, the floor is tan lament and the walls are a reddish wood, only one door seems correct but the rest are distracting, like I am being misled. Very interesting.


I’m very interested in a scan

Do I have to provide pictures or is just the post and request enough?


Is someone willing and able to scan me and my true calling, in regard to my soul in detail?

Thanks in advance

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I’m not quite sure but this sounds like anxiety… which is a problem I’m currently dealing with, so I guess this is accurate. Thanks!

Hello :wave:
I’m Oakley

I recently was planning on practicing this type of Magick and I would like to become talented in it. At the moment a scan would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Felt normal today and have the urge to sart again posting more frequently here.

So traditionaly for that i start with an scan.

Whom wanna?