Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Sometimes it’s hard to identify if your senses are not developed

Thanks for the opportunity to practice. Please forgive me for any error or inconvenience on my part.

What I see:
A lady with a headscarf is washing beans in the backyard. The house is simple and she is sad and worried. She suffered a lot.
Hot dry dust all around. A bottle of drink near a thirsty dog.
The reflection of a pentagram on a dark lake. The pentagram in the sky burns flames, the reflection doesn’t burn, it’s dull and cold.
Smell of lavender and shaving soap.
Too many numbers around you, and you keep writing more numbers, erase and write again, and keep writing…

What it looks like to me:
You are trapped in something you created yourself, you want to be free of this prison but you don’t know how to do it.
The more answers you receive, the more your spiritual doubts increase.

What you want you already have, it’s already with you, try to see with the eyes of the soul and not material senses.

Your biggest barrier is yourself and your tolerance with yourself is low, what you see in front of you is not what you expect, but what was given to you.
Accept it gratefully and you will be well rewarded.

You’re the type who breaks a crooked wall to rebuild again and always changes the materials and the way to build. Certain walls do not need to be redone but remain broken.

An unresolved issue with a man (maybe family) bothers you and even you hiding and ignoring this feeling haunts you.
It’s not your fault.

Many paths, some narrow and full of obstacles and others that lead nowhere. Choose just one and make this difficult path turn into a wide, comfortable road.
Good things are coming soon, accept it without anxiety.

Sorry for the way I wrote, today the influence was from angry demons.

My best wishes.

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I tried to ask Raziel if he had a incantation that helps in the journey of the soul. The first thing he told me was “relaxation and meditation.” Then I heard a strange set of words that, as far as I understood, should be repeated during meditation. But I didn’t hear them clearly enough, so I’ll try again tomorrow and write about the result.

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Appreciate you, will reflect on this and try to return the favor tonight

Who wants to trade? My question is this: What spirits are near me and want to work with me?

Again, thank you for the reading, and no grievances on this side.
I thought about your scan quite a bit last night at work and at home. Im kinda seeing some of it.
Still working on seeing through my soul.

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Anyone down for a swap?

It’s strange that I never remember what I wrote in a reading.
Sorry for any harsh or aggressive words.
I had to read it again to know what I wrote, but one thing I remember, you have good vibes, a good soul and at the time of reading your aurea was white, yellow and some shades of blue.
Thank you very much for the feedback.

I wish you the Best.

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Thank you Inferno.Flux, I can try to return the favor after work if youre interested, usually Im in a slightly altered state at that point from fatigue.

I really did appreciate it, and it made a lot of sense. You and them did not offend me.

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Do not worry about it.

You have already helped me a lot by allowing me to practice blind reading. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What is your avatar? A succubus?

Everything in magic has a meaning.
I found this image some time ago and to me it represents a Lesser Demon with no name or rank who is looking for something lost in hell.

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Wanna swap ?

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The pentagram on your avatar makes it a bit difficult as I’m doing a series of rituals using an inverted white pentagram on a black table. Energies can mix.
Don’t worry about trading, just give me a few days.
Please ask a specific question about what you would like to know.

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Would you like to know anything specific?

Nah a norm one IL do yours when I wake up rly tierd xD thanks

A messy room with two sofas, 5 stars together on the go. The room is up in a tree… it’s not a room, it’s a house. A rope ladder in the tree to this house. The tree is in chains.
It’s night with a drawn yellow sun.
I’m confused, mix of different images from different places.

3 entities protecting you, one of them has a round young face and the other is frowning and is complaining about you. The third one just watches and hides.

Loud noise does not let me hear other voices. Smell of cigarettes and a lot of smoke.
Black and red colors dominate the place, they are the colors of your aura. Strong aura.

A man with a beard is smiling and he has dark eyes, it’s not his eyes, he has no eyes, he has no soul.
This being looks but can’t get close. Letter R in his name.

You have an important decision soon. Make this Choice carefully, no entity will influence your choice but it will define part of your life.
If the door closes, break it down. If it closes again, look for another one already open.
Take better care of your health. Watch for good signs of happiness like red flowers and lost rings.
Tears fall. Smiles and hugs open up.

You have a lot of raw and out-of-control energy, ideals and strong temperament.
No spiritual barriers but also no parasites or lesser entities bothering you.
Great potential for occultism in the left hand.
Do not comment too many secrets, avoid being betrayed again, people are jealous and hide feelings.

I wish you the best and lots of happiness in your life.

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Amazing , thanks a lot :hugs::blush::hugs: , seems really accurate it does resonate with Me a lot you good at this haha :laughing: now writing mine
Is the being azarel ( most probably XD)? Or svarog

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Doh ur scan so so good : gonna be hard to scan as well :)) îl try , first i saw a house :house_with_garden: somewhere in a field , with corn or wheat in the field planted was night lots of stars around in the sky , peacefully bit erie but nothing out of ordinary , then i saw some simbols in the sky like a comb like an M with lots of lines , lots of them . Have no ideea what this means
Then i saw an entity elegant , wears black and long dresses bit like Morticia from Adams family . Looked asian yo me on the face but yeah .
Saw someone was drawing something, first a puppy then some scribbles then a mountain :mountain_snow: an old lady with white hair was doing that . Could mean wavers of fate time and such ? :thinking:
Then i saw an warrior similar to a big viking , but not one covered in a thick coat to guard from the cold :cold_face: ,short hair and ready for action at any time, focused like a animal stalking his prey ,
Asked what you need to do or instructions saw the pyramid disintegrate going out in the sky out of the earth MB work with spirits connected with the pyramid tried to take a peak saw Jupiter ( smt big and brown :)))
Feel a bit over imaginative today for some reason xD wish you the best man :hugs:

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Can someone scan me?? TIA