Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

I would love to be scanned! Sadly I can’t offer any in return… mainly because I don’t know how, but very interested!

Awesome, soul dive for you as well?

Anyone care to trade?

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Yes, anything specific for you?

How much more will I get screwed in life, without having sex with anyone?

Ai that sounds something for divination. Something else? :sweat_smile:

General is cool. Remember Im a lightweight at this sort of thing.

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I’m seeing a park. It’s quite sunny out. A man (possibly you) is walking. Someone bumps into you. You don’t fight, but it’s like you’re seeing through the person’s eyes. Literally seeing through them, staring into their eyes. It’s like you’re starting to see through everything. The trees, the little plants. It’s confusing but it’s also overwhelming so the pace keeps increasing till you’ve exhausted yourself and finally sit down. Then a hooded figure appears, hands you a water bottle, and leaves.

There’s nothing on the water bottle, it’s transparent without any sticker, but it’s filled. It will give you relief, but you have understood that you must catch your breath first so that you don’t choke on it.

That’s all I’m getting. I haven’t done scans in a while. Being a lightweight in these things is okay.

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I saw two things clearly, a face of the sun for those things you hang in gardens, and what appeared to be a stack of oreos or the like. The energy was strong but receptive.


Like, dangly things? I saw some in my dreams pretty recently. One had the sun on top and a moon below it.

Oreos :heart_eyes:

Thank you for the scan!


Wanna do a soul dive @Onion?

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First a pink and dark purple dragon covered in gemstones appeared. This is your draconian form. It looked similar to this

images (15)

Looking at what seems to be your true form, I see pure pink energy which leaves me with a strong warm feeling in my heart chakra but also anxiety. This form is a woman made entirely of pink and magneta energy along with shades of black,orange and white.
Your souls energy is overall Venesian and the word Lemuria keeps popping up showing me images of a world similar yet different from ours. Your core at your center is Aqua blue and icy but not freezing.

you have strong links to Aphrodite and Lucifer and working with Belial and Michael will benefit you too due to the nature of your soul. The main Hindu Godsesses appear too. Maybe even Eris as her presence was strong as I scanned you

As your form materializes I see a light skinned woman with butterfly wings that are pink/magneta in color.she has pink hair kinda like an egirl and is quite slim.now the energy is feminine but the body is masculine. Actually this form of you looks a lot like gowther from Seven deadly sins

There is an aura of luxury around you.the energy of a princess but one who gets things done rather than having other people do for her

Your Fylgia could be a rattlesnake and the dove and raven/crow are important totems for you.i tried looking at a rune that represents your soul and Thuriaz came up.there’s also an aum sign.

Hope it helped


Oh and Spirit and chaos are the elements that represent your soul

Strong balanced and feminine individual


Anxiety called out! Lemuria…I’ve heard of starseeds a lot but never paid attention to it too much. Maybe I should look into it.

I love those colors (pink and magenta), I was obsessed with them when I was a kid.

Interesting. I’m working with Michael, but this is the second time I’ve been told to look into working with Belial.

What’s a fylgia?
I really like crows and feathers…sometimes I see doves too. And I’ve been seeing a lot of snake imagery recently.

Lots of confirmations in this scan.

Thank you for it! What would you like for yours? I’ll do it after some grounding.


It seemed really important as to who you are and some of your earlier origins so you should

Its a kind of spirit from Norse Lore like its another part of the soul either in the form of Animal or female spirt. Some say it symbolizes ones destiny.

I’d like a soul dive too

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I see a man wearing a cloak. It has sleeves so I’m not sure if it will be called a cloak or a hood, but it has long sleeves, a hood and it reaches your ankles. Your eyes are completely white and glowing. There’s some lines drawn on your face-3 " on your forehead, then lines going from your cheekbone to jaw, also very lean. There are also some pendants and silver jewellery.

When I asked where you are from, oddly enough I heard a heard sounds of the ocean and birds. When I focused on the bird I saw an owl.

Your core energy is very fiery and masculine, but it’s also in touch with the feminine. Throat chakra and sacral seem strong. There’s a lot of darkness and light. You look into the light while sitting in the shadows, it’s not a technique, just something that you do.

A bit of mischievous energy too. Not fickle minded, but fun loving and light hearted.

I tried to go more in depth but this is all I’m getting. Your style however is definitely very mage like.


That’s my favorite kind of outfit. I always wear my hood

Lines :thinking: did they look like Runes by any chance?? Silver jewelry I prefer over gold

Quite a few other people who scanned me saw a link to the ocean and yes the owl is a totem I need to work more with

All accurate. I need to get more in touch with my masculine energy but I do like both darkness and light.

Sometimes my mischief causes trouble lol

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Like this:

Minus the bands around the eyes. I don’t wanna creep you out but my guides showed me that a few weeks ago, but didn’t tell me anything when I asked about it.

I did feel a strong connection to the Norse Pantheon from you, Thor especially, but I don’t know if those lines resemble runes.

I didn’t mention it because I was hit with a strong wave of “no” but I’m stubborn af so- I also heard a faint Lemuria too (oddly enough) before the ocean waves.

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