Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

C# Db is very specific, just curious do you havw perfect pitch? Awesome if you do😍

I will do your scan now. Never done HGA/HGD but I’ll try my best.

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Not really. I have tinnitus in my left ear, amd can hear differences in ultrasonic, flourescent, wifi, and normal frequencies. That was what my ear tuned to when scanning. Try listening to songs in this key.
According to a document on correlation of sound and color, it falls within red (C#) and yellow (E); So most likely orange as color.


Thank you for the scan!

For your Holy Guardian Angel, I can’t see anything, even a silhouette. I’m just seeing a tall figure of light. It’s making it difficult to look at the features. They seem to be holding something though, a staff or an instrument. It has a thin handle. I asked them if they have any messages for you, but they didn’t say anything. Just looked at you.

For your Holy Guardian Demon, I’m seeing Lucifer’s sigil. White against a black background. Your HGA is on your left, he is on your right. I don’t know if you’re working with him, but it seems like he’s watching you.

That’s all I’m getting🤔


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hello, it is my first time, can I have a reading please?

Sorry about the wait. I haven’t had time to sit down until now. Forgive my inexperience too.

I sensed dark blues and blacks with stars like the night sky. A feminine energy with a ring of stars fashioned into a crown affix on their head. There was a serenity to them—gentleness— but a steadfast resolve. Also one white eye and the other covered either by hair or a veil, I am unsure.


It’s okay.

Awesome :heart_eyes: Might be anything, my higher self has a good sense of style! Thank you for the scan!
What would you like for yours?

If I skipped anyone, my apologies. PM me and I will scan you (only for those I was going to scan and didnt).

A general scan is fine. (:

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I’m up for a trade

Old cottage home in your early years surrounded by trees. Grey/white coloured. Celtic energy?

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Black giant birds, have no face, they have skulls, I also saw a black eagle but not sure why it was chained.
It has something to do with u?


That’s my current house, not sure about the celtic energy tho

My spirits animals a raven. Nice :wink:

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Hey everyone 🧚🏽‍♀️ Anyone care to scan me?

Have you taken a balg course by any chance? Or watching the videos on YouTube, because (oddly enough) I’m seeing E.A…and the whole set-up is black and red. If it’s not EA it’s someone who looks similar to him. He’s teaching something, that’s for sure.

I’m also seeing a computer screen, on which the video is playing. The screen’s zoomed in so I can’t figure out which video it is.

When I try to figure out what he’s saying I’m taken to a place that looks like a cleared out cemetry. There’s shadowy spirits roaming around, minding their own business. There’s also a puddle, it’s clear but pitch black because it’s night time. I can’t see my reflection in it. The water is not being disturbed, but there are constant ripples.

There’s an old man standing nearby now. Partially bald, has a beard, oval-ish face. A small book or a case (like those travel kits, in brown) is tucked in his armpit. I asked them if they have any messages for you, but they don’t seem to talk a lot. Their expression seems like you both know each other, and that he’s watching you (not in a bad way).

That’s all I’m getting

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Funnily enough, I did not know E.A. Koetting had classes, LOL. At least online ones. I was watching some theology/demonolatry videoes yesterday, so that might be it.

Hmm an older man in a peaceful graveyard that I know… Interesting. Only Thanatos or Euronymous comes to mind. Most likely Thanatos since I convene with him more often.

Thank you for the reading. I enjoy the detail you’ve put into it. (:


He does, there’s also short videos on YouTube and some seminars too! It’s really good material ngl.

Welcome, I’m glad you like it ^^

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Would anyone like to trade? An in-depth soul dive.

Yes I’m up for it

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