Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Maybe, btw don’t worry about the lateness, I understand

Would you like to trade once more?

I do apologize for my scans being so short, it’s as much as I can do

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Anyone down to trade?

I am what’s on your mind?

Yes let’s try again.

Everything is fine! Do the scan as it suits you.

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Do you want to start?

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Ok, I saw fire around the floor, then suddenly, a huge black castle appeared, based on your workings with king Paimon , I think this was one of his castles

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I saw a crown decorated with gems laying on the floor of a pitch black room, a knight with long brown hair appeared and the room has been flooded with bright light (could have been flames too). After the light dimmed down a bit I could see 3 or 4 stone pathways emerging from one single path with some kind of Hermit dressed in a white robe standing infront of it. Also the word “Chaos” kept reappearing in my mind frequently.
I don’t have much experience scanning people but i tried my best.
Let me know what you think, any kind of feedback is appreciated!

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You’re the second person to see a man with brown hair when scanning me.

Odin maybe :thinking: though I’ve been in hermit mode for a while.

Another friend who scanned me told me that my energy is a bit chaotic.

Actually you did very well! Thank you!

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The first image that came to mind was a Spartan warrior / king. I think Ares could be a guide for you.

I sense strong pink aura. Seductive energy. Soft Feminine beauty kinda like Aphrodite but more like Venus. I sense a playful chaos in you too. You seem soft but you’re not. If someone ticks you off, you won’t hesitate to go scorpio on their ass. I also see a black scorpion as your totem animal along with a crab, turtle, whale and either a dolphin or porpoise (can’t really tell)

Theres a connection to the sea. The calm shallow part of it but in you is the deep terrifying parts of the see too.

A Caucasian woman with light brown eyes, light brown hair and pinkish skin appears. Either this is you or your higher self or a guide.

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It is very strange. Even before I read your message, I saw an infernal area: there was a rocky space around. Steam escaped from the ground, and here and there lava could be seen. I saw a temple, also black in color, reminiscent of a Gothic structure. It looks like it was made of obsidian. When I entered this temple, I noticed a large hole in its center. A woman was walking around this hole with a copper bowl or deep plate in her hands. Her hair and eyes were black, her skin was pale, but she was beautiful. When I got closer, she smiled at me and scooped up hot ash from the bowl and threw it into the hole.

When I asked her what message I should know, she scooped up the ash and blew on it. When ashes hovered in the air, a snake with red eyes formed from it, which seemed to hug a stick or a tree. And then the phrase appeared in my thoughts: “The way of the serpent.”

It seems to me that this somehow echoes my previous scan. One of the meanings of the Raido rune is a path or journey, and Ansuz is a connection with knowledge, a teacher or a deity :thinking:

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Wanna trade ?

I’d say I’m lacking masculine energy so that would be fitting.

Perfectly on point. I’m a Sun Libra, Moon Taurus so I’m strongly influeced by Venus.

Couldn’t have said it better!

Not really sure how to interpret this but it’s fitting.

I might have to dig deeper on that one!
Overall a greatly accurate scan! Thank you trading!

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Sure, would you mind starting?

Anyone wanna trade?

Was that scan related to me or you?

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It was related with you

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Did the lady feel like Lilith

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Yes, this woman looked like Lilith

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Lady Lilith :smiley: :heart:

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Would you like to trade again

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