Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Hey, are you gonna return?

hey bro lol i will in anhour .Your scan though lol i thought we were giving detailed stuff .not in a bad way but a field and knight and slapping masculine feminine sounds abit cliche.

One, not a bro. Two, I can’t just give you what you expect or want to hear. I give what I get/recieve. So if you got a problem with that, then there’s not much I can do for you. Giving an attitude ain’t appreciated.

Point is, I’m not gonna tell you that you got a demonic or some other “fantastical” soul if that’s not what I pick up.


Anyone want to trade

I’m up for another trade.

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You want to trade? Shall I go first?

I saw an eye, then came forth an eagle flying, then I saw 2 vulcanoes shooting lava in the air, the lava kept circling around in the air and a fiery phoenix came out

I tried to feel your energy and felt a calming sensation

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Your Scan:

First when scanning you, I picked up the image of a female (I don’t know if this is your soul - or an entity around you, but I thought it was important to mention as it’s quite prominent) - with this came the image of snakes, as in someone with a snake-like tail and an aura of dark green/blue/black. Felt demonic or Serpentine. You might have company.

Note: the serpentine/dark energy that seemed to show itself as a female to me, seems to mask over your actual energy. So I don’t think it’s you. However I sensed that, before I was able to sense you

When trying to then feel your energy, I did pick up on a fire- like sensation. Actually reminded me alot of a Leo. The zodiac sign, you might have some of these characteristics. You defiently have the energy. Also got the feeling of “raw power” or even “raw energy”… Primordial.

Then picked up the name : Tiamat

Wow, tiamat, interesting, you think the woman was her or Lilith?

The woman, gave me vibes similar to Lilith. I don’t think it was her. Maybe one of her daughters or something. They just seem to be around you.

I got the feeling you should look into Tiamat. Might want to work with you.

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It might have been one of her daughters for sure

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Have you ever worked with tiamat


Want to do another scan

Maybe in a bit.

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I’m up for one more trade, prefer soul dive.

Hey, you still want that trade or?

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Yes please and I’ll start right away. Apparently I do souldives unknowingly, and I want to be able to these consciousl. As I need practice. Which do you prefer, do you want soul dive or do you prefer scanning?.. You know what actually I’ll start with a soul dive right away, you’ve been waiting long enough for me…if it is too personal stuff that I find; I’ll drop a PM. If it’s not, I’ll post it here. So here we go…


Hey I am also up for a trade with anyone interested .we could exchange pictures

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