Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Anyone up for a soul scan trade?

Im down. Im still a bit new at scanning so bear with me. I have done it a few times before but im not great at putting what i see into words sometimes. But im down if you want.

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I’m doing a scan trade right now, but if you want to try. After im done, then I can trade you.

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Sounds fine with me. I can wait until your done so i get a better clearer image. I dont want to somehow mess it up.

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Someone scan me please, I’ll do one back :kiss:

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Ok so for your scan I see inside of a church/castle it isn’t Christian but is gray stone with large beautiful stain glass all around illuminating everything.

I see at the front a giant alter with a stain glass picture of a naked woman with long flowy hair in a beautiful pose. Fine gifts have been given and many candles of lit and it smells like incense.

Way in front of the altar is a choir dressed in gold robes singing, with higher pitch voices and young looking faces.

I see a book area to the side but it is darker and not flashy it is illuminated only by candles and an older man with a beard takes care of it studying and learning.

(My reads have been kind of different recently due to a massive energy change I have right now)

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Anyone up for a trade

Trade scan anyone?

Up for a scan trade

Hey, sorry about being really late, if your still up for a trade scan. I’ll scan first since I didn’t get back to you.

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Yea that sounds fine. I just woke up so it may be a bit before i respond i want to be fully up to scan.

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Okay I’ll start scanning you right now then,

Colors/shades I see when scanning you: green (dark green), brown, black and white. Green and black are most prominent to me.

Your energy feels very down to earth for me. Reminds me of elementals (in association with earth energy) or even fae. However I also caught onto more then just then that. I did catch on to light as well for you. Either an area that you might work well with or it is within you. I feel perhaps more the former rather then the latter.

Your energy feels dense, and has a slight dark vibe to it but overall is very earthy for me. You feel energetically healthy.

Also note, I feel you are very serious about whatever path it is your taking. I feel a quiet determination as well as the same vibe you would get from a studious student.

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I see a blue swirl moving around a red background. Its moving like air or water. Although there is more red, the blue has my focus more.

Your energy was very sharp feeling to me. I got the sense of it being much like wind. I soon felt like i was ontop of a mountain as a snowstorm was blowing wind sharply around me. I saw a wolfs claw or fang Im not sure what that means but it possibly holds some type of meaning for you.

Your energy gave me the impression like a magnet. It seems to me that your energy easily brings in others around you. I had the vision of your energy at a party as the energy of others was sucked towards you.

I have one last sight, and it was of someone writing. They wrote very fast and seemed to enjoy it. Im not quite sure on the meaning but it may be beneficial for you to know.

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Thanks! Interesting scan. I might know about the wolf claw/tooth. Good job!

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Anyone up for another trade scan?

@Velenos up for a scan trade sometime?