Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

good les go

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Cool regular or detailed scan? I can do both (but detailed will take me longer).

Up to you. Then who do you want to go first on scanning.

Detailed is fine and you first as I base my returns off that.

Okay, it’ll take me longer but that’s fine.

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Take your time, better than rushed one liners.

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Colors: Silver, brown (mud-like brown), black, grey (darker shade of grey), golden, and yellow (bright).

When scanning, the first thing I saw was hard dirt/the ground. With alot of footprints like a group of people/beings was in a hurry/ran. The dirt was dry and hard.

Next what I saw was alot of trees (not really pine trees but similar) then as you moved forward through these trees you came UP to a clearing - which was basically a cliff. To which you could look down unto the land below you - which from this I saw more wilderness. I did get the images of creeks/small rivers too - and the feeling that the water was icy cold (like mountain water). Also for the word “fresh water”. I got got the word “valley”.

I did see a creature, it looked physical to me. The shape of the body was alot like an elks/deer or similar animal. The fur/body was white. I did notice it had patterns or even maybe symbols covering it’s entire body. The image was foggy so I couldn’t get details. Just that the symbols (not sure if it was like paint/ink or natural to the creature) were grey in color/shade. And the design was intricate.

The symbols almost reminded me of like war paint in the manner of how I saw it.

When I tried to directly scan your energy I first visually saw empty space kinda like this:

Except it wasn’t dark, almost greyish/silver/white for the “background/emptey space” with your energy being the only thing that took up space within this. Your energy also DOESNT look like the grey/white mist - I’m just using the image as a reference for the empty space that I saw your energy within.

Your energy itself seemed like a dense fog to me (the kind that’s hard to drive through). Although more dense in that you can’t see through it and less in the matter of weight/etc. The energy movement to me feels well paced - not fast. Temperature wise - cool mist like (the word “room temperature” also came up).



when scanning your energy I get this soft earthy feeling, the energy is a dark brown that seems to be in a liquid state but there’s also this dark energy that is moving throughout it that takes on a gaseous state, your energy doesn’t have much a smell to it, as in it’s very faint almost like moments before it starts to rain, the sound I get from it is not as it was before now it just sounds like a soft whistle that fades in and out.

core kind of looks like this but more brown than black.0

When I go further into your energy I come to find myself in an open field on a large platform, it reminds me of a valley, nothing is around besides plant life but there’s also this ring of dark energy around the edges of the landscape like a buffer of sorts.

When I look for you I come to see this being that is that of an energy body/earth elemental but within his energy form swirls the same dark energy I saw earlier, he has no features however just a humanoid masculine body shape, the shape becomes a bit more solid where I can make out pointed ears and his body further but there still remains no features present.

I did however notice that he’s kind of in the middle of a metamorphosis.

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Thanks for the scan trade!


a change.

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Ah. Okay.

You didn’t sense anything like a rebirth I assume? I assume just the change. However not sure (for various reasons).

A rebirth isn’t exactly something you sense, it’s something you see taking place lol.

Not what I meant, I just meant picked up on or something.

Im asking for a reason. However I don’t think a rebirth would take as much time as the change is.

I did “see” something but wasn’t exactly when I was awake. Which is why I was asking about it.

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Im free for scan trades. If anyone is interested.

Bro. Thought I was waiting on you

Yes, I can do you. However I would also appreciate it if you asked before scanning me. You kinda just scanned me without confirming that I wanted to trade with you.

Which is why I am reluctant to do so… I did say I was up for a scan trade (to the general thread) but you didn’t ask if I wanted to trade YOU - you just scanned. I like to confirm who before scanning.

Reason is that anything can happen before and after I post that I want a scan trade. I might become busy, or have then scanned others/etc - and in which case might change my mind. Along with just common courtesy.

I will trade you in the thread and will match yours.

Can I get a scan ?

Trade scan anyone?


Anyone up for a soul scan trade?