Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Anyone trade scan?


A throne of gold a black armored figure pointing at me claim your throne as I have claimed mine he said

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Could anybody be that Kind and scan me?

Trade of course …

Ah! I’m late to this thread. Anyway anyone up for a trade here?

@ObsidianWarrior Pagan-looking warrior with tattoos all over his chest wearing a white cloth on his head, standing next to a flickering black tree.

@anon96217651 Sitting on a throne leaned forward a figure cloaked in shadow. The head rises slightly and nods. A black mist descends and pleasant laughter can be heard.

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@ObsidianWarrior Huh, that actually resonates with me. Well done.

@anon96217651 Mine as well. I appreciate it!

I, too am super late to this thread. Would anyone be willing to jump on and scan me? I would absolutely trade my impressions as well.
La Revedere!

anyone wanna trade?

@Xag_darklight I’ll give it a shot, mind you, I haven’t done this scanning things before so this is actually a first attempt.

First thing I saw was a humanoid cat, cat that looked like a jag or cougar standing upright, slightly more humanish body, wearing what looked like a red or orange vest, holding a spear. In the back saw what looks like fire or a volcano or lava.

My apologies if this doesn’t sound anything like you lol like I said, first try here

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Woman with silver hair wearing a black hooded robe stood in front of a clock tower, surrounded by woodland. The hands of the clock begin move counter-clockwise and a scream is heard.

Can someone please scan me? I’m not very good at scanning but if you want I’ll scan you back.

@Elesp Red Riding Hood-esque figure sat on a medium-sized, pulsating, glowing green mushroom under a celestial sky, holding a hand-sized mirror.

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Would anyone be willing to do me if I return the favour via pendulum or tarot ??? ( still a newbie ) :two_hearts:

@heartignited Sure. Give me 20 mins.

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I’m just about to go see a film, please let me know what you’d like in return and I’ll inbox you what I can when I come back :blush::blush::blush: thank-you !

If someone has time I would love a scan done & I will return the favour.

@heartignited a red-haired girl with dark gold/amber eyes wearing just a cloak, sat on a wooden log leaned over doing a tarot spread beside a fire, among sheep in a desert with ravens circling below starry night skies.

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Awesome! I’ll send you a message when I get back.