Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

was that my scan result because if so, that was fairly unsatisfying. lmfao

Uh, no? I’m at work now about to go on break but if you wanna be like that I have no problem leaving it as that.

Edit: as a matter of fact I think I will.

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I did because the thread was going towards scanning the soul, and since not everyone has a godform as godform is when a person immerses themselves in a God’s energy and “pathwork” that Deity. So to clear up confusion on what people are actually scanning.


Oh ok, sounds bueno.

Haha, it’s cool bro. Have a great work day!

If anyone else would like to give a quick scan for me I can reciprocate, lemme know guys. :slight_smile:

I see a desert wild west. A man with a black trench coat, black cowboy hat, black boots etc…

The man in black I believe represents you, and he has a shadow over his face and is smiling with a big grin and yellowish fang teeth.

He seems like the ultimate anti hero, who works for himself.

(I normally show pictures and go more in depth later, but I’ve been kind of busy today)

Thank you for the read.

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sounds like me alright, minus the fangs. I like my bright pretty white ape teeth very much sir/madam. Lmfao.

“I love not the weak and fearful.”


Thank you for the reciprocity, I appreciate it very much. :heart:

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What kind of scans do you do? I might be interested depending on the type of scan.

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I dunno, I don’t have a word or type for it, as an aside I think the occult is becoming over sub categorized like every other speciality in the real world. But that’s neither here nor there.

Basically I look at your avatar image, say your username Three times, and then step forward into the black and step out into where ever your higher self appears to reside and as viewed through my interpretation of the universe and it’s symbolism.

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sub categorizations in terms of scanning for me energy scanning is scanning the energy body, chakras, etc. Soul diving is diving into the soul landscape to view the person’s energy, their soul’s true self, and what their soul’s manifested landscape looks like

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Well, I can see chakras and energy body but how about I do what I do naturally and we’ll see what comes up and try to categorize it later lmfao :rofl:

If you’re interested I mean, @anon48079295

Lol I ask mainly because I base which I scan around what the person scans so the information is equal lol like if someone gives me a “I see a ball of fire” I’ll give them the same effort lol

but yes I’m interested.

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Lmfao okay, give me a few minutes to do this, you walk with a big aura.

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I’m standing on a sea of water as still as glass, there’s a single sail boat bobbing in the distance. A gas giant that looks like Jupiter (but it isn’t, the colors are wrong, it’s much redder) is half way above the horizon, the sun looks white, there are two additional moons in the sky above, I hear the names Hera and Morrigan. The boat has a boy in it, he has dark skin, piercing intensely green eyes, quite young, only about 12. There’s an ethereal quality to him, the acceptance of knowledge through isolation and warding ones self into the subconscious. I see respite and reprieve. I see that your answers often come to you in dreams and in that we could be kinfolk.

Are you able to Dreamwalk?

*I mean in the way I described in my Cernunnos experience post, where you Literally step into other realities for ritual workings.

Anyone up for a scan trade? I can scan back later tonight. If your scan is half assed I will match it. Dont bother scanning me if it’s only going to be one or two sentences. Thank you.

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I do have ties to the group of women known as The Morrigan, also I mostly do direct energy work and etheric/spiritual projection.

When scanning you I come to see you have mainly earthly energies browns and greens flow through your energy body, I dont see any stagnation in your chakras atleast not any that’s affecting you, your energy has this lukewarm feeling and smells like soil. I see a man clothed in black clothing but very modern, he stands in an open field with various flowers spread out but thinny present. Your energy surrounds you almost like a brown flickering flame, however a large figure appears behind you like a giant shadow and the shadow forms that of a giant stag, literally giant but it does not have any features as it looks like a giant shadow as you become enveloped in its shadow it seems almost protecting you as the shadow casts around you like a ward.

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Hehe :100: thank you so much buddy. That was excellent.

I might DM you when I’m done with the gym if that’s okay, I think we have some things to discuss. There are commonalities apparent that shouldn’t be ignored.