Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Anyone wanna trade?


im up for it, ill try my best

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are you new to the forum?

I gotchu.

I see a shadow-cloaked figure kneeling on both knees inside a circle of branches. The figure chants something. Her skin is pale, her lips are black, she’s holding a silver torc in her hand and staring north. Her message says reflective. I see purple aura around her but its wild and untamed, she’s a shadow worker but one that identifies with neither good nor evil. She simply exists in her state, and exalts the natural world. I take this as you needing to get some forest time, the crows want to speak to you.

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I could not scan you, maybe you can try me

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Why would that be? Gimme a bit.

So a chaotic neutral? Lol. I’ll return briefly.

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ok ill try again

I saw a yellow sun, and then immediately a dragon with black wings

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I also checked out your website :smiley:

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haha yeah, I guess you could put it in that way, chaotic neutral.

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Oh sweet! What’d you think? So I’m more divination based I may move over to Etsy.

I see a familiar. A dragon, in a clearing where there are pedestal mushrooms, hiding in a grove of trees. Earth based energies.

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Do you have any ancestral connections to an animistic or shamanic tradition?

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On both sides, I suspect but on my fathers side that manifested in the form of men in my family joining the priesthood or becoming world travelers. My mother is a witch who doesn’t practice, not that she identifies as one but she is an exceptionally powerful woman with amazing insights. Why, whats up?

Can someone scan me, I can’t look back

Is the beautiful woman on the site you? :smiley:

I like the site and the prices :smiley:

Anyone wanna do a quick scan of me?

It’s going to be harder if yoh can’t see back since your sense aren’t open. I am just honestly get foggy figured with you. Maybe you needed to open up more or let your guard down so you can be seen and scanned.

The one reading the runes? No. I’m actually a gentleman :wink:

Ah ok

I was giggling at this waiting to see the answer.