Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Saw a red truck and a goblin like being

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Don’t feel bad bout not seeing much I’m heavily protected. Have a mask of sorts on.

Thank you so much for your reading. Gave me a needed message.

So the 3 leaf clover. I’ve always loved them. Would sit in the grass always looking for a 4 leaf clover. Haven’t yet but I will. I have one encased in glass. But I want to find one on my own.

The triple goddess does makes sense tho.

The car idk, but it’s cute. Not totally my style. But I see a version of myself driving in on the countryside next to water. Potentially Ireland maybe like you said. Looks gorgeous.

The cave interpretation. Is spot on and I needed to hear it. Apparently I’m here for a specific reason on earth and to get there I gotta step out of my safe hiding spot and branch out, be social, and spread my knowledge and talents. Just comfy in here. I know the grass is greener on the other side. And I’m working on getting out of the cave. So thank you that really helped me.

That image is stunning and connected with me a lot. So Thank you really helped put things into perspective :slight_smile:

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Hmm… I’d like a scan, I’ll return the favor. Haven’t done in a while but yea


This is cracking me up! I think the best read for today!!

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:joy: :joy:

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Thank you for your response and feedback, it means alot to me :smiley:.

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Reap what you sow. Right😂it’s only fair

Scan swap anyone?


lol bro, youre hilarious with the memes bro :laughing:

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I wouldn’t mind a trade if anyone is up for it.

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Would like a scan

I saw a whole bunch of pink roses, then the roses formed into a pink bird flying

Can you do mine too?

I would love a scan please. Still a newbie…

That’s really interesting roses are my favorite color. Pink is also one of Libra’s colors too.

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You have a mix of clam and Chaotic energy like something is forming inside you. Nothing at least to me is clear yet.

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so the scan was close, cool!

do me! :smiley:

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Hmm… intersting 'cuz i’m just like you mentioned
I can be calm but also really chaotic
But i’m wondering what it can be, that is forming inside me

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