Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Trade anyone

I’ve never done it before but ill try. I can’t pm yet so message me?

Already did. You still on?

Can I get a scan too ? I don’t know how to scan yet sorry.

practice makes perfect.

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Hi, would like you to scan me too :slight_smile:

Anyone wanna trade

For those that have the skills. I’ve recently had some super dizzy moments. I haven’t yet gone to the drs as I’m waiting for new job to get me with new insurance. Scan my brain and tell me what’s wrong with me. Please. Thank you.

Hey dude, I had to do yours over a few days. The first time I tried it I think I was too tired and didn’t really get much but got a few more things when I tried today, hopefully some of this stuff means something to you, if not no worries as I’m still learning. Here we go:

When I first tried the scan I got an image of a men’s gold band. Then when I tried to do the scan today I got another image of a ring but this time of a lady’s gold diamond ring. I feel like there has to be more to it than just simply your married like maybe your just about to get married or your in a relationship at the moment and you think it’s time for marriage (or she does).

I had an image of a tiger come up when I did the scan yesterday. Not sure what it could mean. I had a look online and a tiger generally means raw personal strength, willpower and the ability to transmute anger into wisdom and insight.

Also yesterday I had the below image which I think would indicate an abundance of money maybe. If not then hopefully an abundance of money coming your way :joy:.

I also had an image of a pen come up. It was a black elegant pen. Although not sure what it could mean.

The last thing I saw from my scan yesterday was of a beach and a pier, the pier had a Ferris wheel on it abit like the one below. I seen the same thing when I done the scan today expect I was looking out from a window into the beach where the pier was and I could see footprints in the sand. I dunno how to interpret this.

The last thing I saw, and I saw it when I scanned today was of an image of the earth in space and the sun just coming up over the horizon and it’s light hitting the earth creating kind of a light glow on the earth’s surface. Now I did read your bio so I know your involvement with Christianity and to me this image reminds me of like born again Christians. I feel like my interpretation could be biased as I’ve read your bio, also the image may be more of a subconscious thing because I read your bio. Not sure. Hopefully it carries more meaning to you.

So that’s all I’ve got and would love some feedback.

Ps. When I was reading your bio, it really got me how your doing what your doing to heal yourself and others around you and how you want to pull everyone around you up with you. I truly wish you the best and hope you achieve what your looking for :slight_smile:.

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Hey, so the last few scans have been pretty difficult, I think I’ve done too many in a short period of time so I’m gonna be taking a break from them for the next month probably but after that I’ll post another message here offering free scans to get more practice in. So look out for the message in a bout a month and if I remember your request I’ll drop you a message to see if you still want one :+1:.

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Alright thank you tho

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Hye, can anyone scan me? Thank you


Thanks man! You’re not the first to mention a ring. I’m not married on this earth, at least not yet. Not sure if I’m married beyond. Interesting. I am working in strengthening my will and power so maybe the tiger is showing that’s my fighting spirit? Another bag of money. Damn it, what am I going to do with this one? Lol. I’m not yet wealthy but I intend to be. So, sweet! The pen could mean I’ll be using a creative business to build my wealth. I’m not sure. The Farris wheel and beach, I like the ocean. Well, I like going to the beach. But I dont have a good idea as to what that could be. The last one I think it does mean a new beginning as well. Thank you for your reading. And for your best wishes.

Take a break man. You’ve earned it and it seems like you need it. Go to on vacation to Sri Lanka or some place warm and cheap. Just to get away from all the 1st world noise.

Thank you again

Be blessed

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Dm me, I dont want it on the general forum please. If you dont mind @Harith

Hello everyone. I’ve been sitting on the fence whether to work with angelic or demonic.im fairly new in Magick and still practicing Lbrp. I’d really appreciate if someone would scan the energy or god inside me and tell whether its angelic or demonic or both.

Thanks in advance

im up for another scan, willing to trade


alright, you want to scan me first?

Nope. Go first

saw a huge tall flower and a Being with horns

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