Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Scan for scan?

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I can try to scan this afternoon.

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The stomache churning sensation was probably cause I was almost stomache sick last night.


Is the dark energy connected to the word lizard? I’m wondering about both. I’m also curious about dark energy, on whether it’s from outside influence or was part of my core essence. Since I am working with Lilith.

I’ll return your scan after I’ve woken up a bit, so it will be more accurate for you.

Yes, the word lizard did have some dark energy with it. Dark energy can be both part of your core essence or outside influence, but I set the intent to scan your godform and that is what I got. If you want I can scan you again as I feel a little bit more clear and grounded at the moment.

Do you resonate with lizards?

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Godform, is that my soul/true self?

Actually, I’ve had an on and off fascination with lizards, the reptilian entities, and Draconians/dragons over the years. So it does connect.

Sure! That would be nice, if you’d like. I can also scan you 2x or something in return for the favor.

I’d be interested in the same type of scan, my soul/essence scan.

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Godform/higher self is actually the being that you are an aspect of, it is the god inside you. I’ll scan you later, I’m busy at the moment.

You don’t have to scan me two times lol, just do a detailed and long scan of my godform and I’ll be fine with that

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Thanks, and I’ll return you scan in a bit, just woke up so not completely awake.

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I thought the godform could change based on your path/and who/what energies you work with? Like since I’m working with Lilith/infernal then that might become an aspect of my God form?

While you higher self/soul is your inner essence/true self. Which is what I was interested in.

Okay I’ll scan you now.

First while trying to scan your essence/energy I got a cold feeling, temperature wise. Although I did pick up fire (the element), imergary wise. Although I got more of a “cold, dry” feeling.

Not sure if it’s important but I did seem to pick up “djinn” alot. I don’t know if that was coming from you but happened while trying to scan you, so I would assume so. Although I’m unaware if djinn is meant as something that is a part of you, or something external.

I also mentally got images of like Trees (palm tree like), skulls, desert (not the after dinner – but sand/terrain type, not sure if I spelled it right. I always get the two different words mixed up).

Your energy feels “good”, in a sense that I don’t really feel any “issues” (energetic wise) from you. Feels alittle chaotic but not in a bad way, from what I can tell. Feels blunt, but not overly strong in that manner (blunt meaning – “upfront”, which tends to affect the personality as well, some people are more blunt then others.)

Would you like for me to try and scan more? Or is that fine. I’m still working on my scanning but that’s what I got.

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Godform is a term used to describe a deity a person immersed themselves in, basically taking on their traits and the archetype that deity is, not exactly anything to do with your true self or higher self, while higher self is the being you are a fragment of and often times multiple people, animals, etc can share a higher self, but that higher self isn’t your true self, rather the you’re a branch of the tree and the higher self is the tree.

The true self is who you are in your soul, not everyone’s true self is tied to a higher self, like myself I do not have a higher self but I have a true self.

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Hmm okay, I wasn’t sure if the scan was of a “godform” or my essence.

I haven’t really been doing anything to do with godforms in that aspect. So I dunno.

Although yeah that’s what I thought it was.

Okay yeah, so then it’s true self I’m looking for. I kinda take a “ditch my higher self” (if i have one) and really look for growth within my own personal level – and not immersing myself in this whole godform stuff.

Nice job, everything you stated was pretty accurate except for the djinn part.

I never really felt any connections to djinns but you may of uncovered something i didn’t know about myself, interesting. I’d like you to scan me more, thanks.

I’m about to scan you, do you want me to scan your higher self or true self?

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True self, my soul/essence. Thanks.

Yeah, I wasn’t to sure on the djinn part. Though I wanted to add since it did come up, and you never know. I’m still practicing, but of course doing my best/taking my time so I can be as accurate as possible.

Thanks for the feedback though, it does help me improve. I’m already clairsentient (which is what I use to scan), but I’m practicing clairvoyance and things like that.

I’ll scan you again in a little bit, I have to do something.

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While scanning your text a big shadow popped up in front of me, not sure what that could mean but the shadow felt powerful and made its presence known. The energy felt dark but at the same time it felt confident and happy.

My left hand also started vibrating which could mean something happened to your left hand (left hand path?)

The elements that came to me while scanning you were fire and air (or earth)

Overall your energy is warm and welcoming. I sensed that there are some things it seems you have trouble accepting, almost like a blockage, but they do not bother you as you’re at peace with your life and are friendly/social. Your energy also seems very energetic, like you can’t sit down for long periods of time without doing anything

For some reason i got ancient energy from you as well, i suggest looking into your past lives to see where you resided or to see who you were at the time.

I visualized a lot of things connected to nature such as the amazon forest, a sun, blue lightning with a dark sky in the background, and dinosaurs (specifically a pterodactyl and a tyrannosaurus) It seems like you have a strong connection to nature.

I sensed that you are knowledgeable about the things you are passionate about and that you like to research/gain more info about them. You also seem like a perfectionist.

Lastly, i visualized a blue aura when i closed my eyes.

Let me know what is accurate and what is not.

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Oh, nice.

I actually awhile ago when I was trying to lucid dream and do more dream work, had a really vivid dream about being in the dinosaur era, I was flying and hunting for well dinosaur eggs (I don’t know if I was a flying dino or not though)…it was a weird but interesting dream. I have gotten visions similar to that to. Oh lol, the dinosaur I (in the dream) stole the egg from was a T-rex lol.

So you got dark, fire, and air (or earth) from my essence core? I feel like earth would be more so then air. However I am not certain. I just feel more connected to earth.

I generally connect to darkness and earth I feel, air not so sure. Surprised to hear fire, never considered it. You never know.

Although I was confused whether the shadow was external or internal (meaning if I have dark energy in my core, or if the shadow represented something)…I have always been fascinated by shadows but I dunno.

I am working with Lilith, and alittle LHP in general, although not sure about my left hand. I have been practicing vampirism and the left hand represents taking? Although I know something is up with my left foot, not sure about hand.

I do have a few blockages I have to overcome…

I’ve been practicing vampirism because I don’t know if something is wrong with my energy system, so I’m seeing if it helps.

I am knowledgeable about things, and take GREAT passion in my knowledge about the things I study. Biology and things of that nature. I’m a thinker and learner.

It was a nice scan, alot of it spoke to me.

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Oh i forgot to mention my left foot was tingling for no reason as well, a lot of information to take in so i forgot lol. What happened to your foot?

I felt iffy about the elements, but now that you told me that you feel more earth it makes sense since you are connected to nature.

Thats crazy that i somehow scanned a lucid dream, since it was really vivid it must of stuck to you.

Seems like the things i scanned about you were accurate for the most part.

Thank you for scanning me and may your path be always blessed!

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The left foot is, well not completely sure. I connected to a spirit (lover) who when connecting to me…during er…well…stuff did something to my left foot.

Pulsed heat/warm energy to my left foot for like 10 mins straight which after I guess a build up of that resulted in some weird full body spasm/orgasm…so yeah…it was interesting. Occasionally I’ll feel a pulse of warm energy when she interacts with me as well.

It was odd, and it’s like the energy she put in my left foot shot up my left leg or something throughout my whole body resulting in a fully body something.

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Trishul, you haven’t even returned the scans you owe others and asking to trade with other people :laughing: