Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Cuz I heard all magick is chaos magick when scanning you…

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Well it’s something I feel drawn to, in preference for working with it/practicing it.

Nekomata – A cat yokai.

Go to yt type King Satan all magick is chaos magick you might like it. Nice song.

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When asking for a scan try not to give any information otherwise you will frontload people, just by reading this someone can claim you have african spirits around you when they very well may be wrong and just applying what you said to their scan.

Hey what’s up.

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Your derailing the thread @Falllenangelicstan96

This is about scanning not arguing over the existence of cat people.

They are full cats, they’re not people with cat ears and tails like your animes, Neko means cat in japanese, Nekomata and Bakeneko are literal cats that are equivalent to kitsune and tanuki.

My point is, you’re new to the forum and giving people scans on what their soul is when you just joined, there is a thread for scanning practice, it lets newbies know you’re still practicing.

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Here are the list legendary creatures from Japanese mythology, and Folklore

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Like I said, Nekomata and Bakeneko are literal cat entities not anime cat girls. That’s all I’m saying on the matter.

Here’s a how to scan guide and the practice scan thread.

The bakeneko can shapeshift so technically they can appear that way. However, the humanoid anime appearance with cat ears isn’t their true form so when you scan someone you will either be seeing a oversized house cat or their more evolved version known as the nekomata which appears as a huge feline with a forked tail (at this point they can look like tigers, mountain lions, ect).

As someone who has a spirit guide that is of a similar nature to the kitsune and nekomata, for the longest time I didn’t even know what he looked like as a humanoid despite my consistent efforts of scanning him to figure it out. I only figured it out when he decided to reveal it to me himself (that goes with a lot of things regarding him but nonetheless lol).

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I sense fiery warrior energy from you, almost like infernal spirits are connected to you in a way. This type of energy tied to you seems motivated, fun, and hardworking but very powerful.

My bad

Well Lilith is an Infernal spirit considering she is a Infernal Pantheon, can Lilith be a fiery warrior, or is it someone else?

I sense king/leader energy. You like to take charge in most situations and feel that reputation is very important. I felt dark energy and a stomach churning feeling from scanning you at first and the word “lizard” kept popping up. Would appreciate if you scanned me back

It could be very well be someone else but if Lilith keeps popping up i suggest working with her. Im not sure if Lilith can be a fiery warrior though.

I wanted it to be Lilith cause i like her as a goddess, but u said a fiery warrior energy and infernal spirit i don’t any firey warriors in the Infernal Pantheon

When I scanned you I sensed water elements and I think I almost saw a water realm. Your godform might reside here. The creature I think I saw looked like the Pokémon vaporeon (lmao) and it seemed like it was very serious and didn’t mess around. Would appreciate if you scanned me back

I scanned your godform, not the pantheon you are most connected with. Godform is separate from pantheons and it is what is inside of you. If you feel connected to Lilith like I said work with her, she might give you more insight on what you truly are.

Oh Ok now I under its my godform got you thank for cleaning its up for me