Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

I can try and scan you? I’m new to, but I can try for a return general energy soul core scan (on what type of energy my core consists of).

Let see u are of African decedent, along with African spirituality that is strong in ur soul, as there are African spirit guides watching over you. Also u have that smokey energies feel about yo, u might be of a shadow people

Its my third time trying to scan someone hope i got it right, anyway can u scan me back as well


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You can still try to scan. That’s how beginners gain experience. Everyone used to be a beginner unless you were “born” talented…? I’m also a beginner but I’m willing to do a scan trade.

I can try it on you, just send me the link, what method here should be used.

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Send you the link, a link on how to scan?

Look up on this forum (the search), “How to power sense someone”, or “how to scan”. That should tell you.


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Okay, when you do, a general energy Scan will be fine.

Next time I will use candles, not only darkness lol. Okay so when I scanned you I saw an orb of purple with high vibrations. The color at first was just too tranclusent to see. Hope its any good thanks for a chance to practise.

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Hmm okay, thank you. If your okay with it, could you describe/look further into the purple orb you saw? I’ve heard/felt similar things to what you described. (Like what type of energy/elements)

I’ll try and scan you now. Would you like a general scan? Or something specific?

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General would be okay, the scan for you was so hard to me because the biggest sense I only have is feeling stuff around me, like touches. But I can try but I’m unsure will I get more.

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Well it’s up to you, if your tired or don’t want to that is perfectly fine.

Give me a minute to try and scan you now.

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Since you just joined I dont think you’re elligable to give readings, especially ones that are telling people what their souls are lol (nekos also dont exist)

So scanning you,

For some reason the word “fire” keeps coming up for me, not sure if elemental or literal or figurative.

I am getting an earthy feeling to you. Maybe something you are connected to/have an affinity to.

I also for some reason, keep seeing an image in my mind of someone with “blinds” (cloth covering your eyes).

And do you do anything related to chaos magick?

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I’ve dabbled in it yes.

yeah neko exist it in the japan folkfore do ur research

Mate I have years on you, and you have the audacity to tell me to do my research? lol nekos do not exist in japanese folklore, that’s Bakeneko and they are cats with multiple tails not your anime fantasies you keep shoving into here.