Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

I saw an image of you throwing away the society usuals of getting a mortgage and a desk job , you wanted to take a different route , then I saw an image of you doing a variety of sciences , then I saw an image of you playing an instrument , drawing and dancing, it was clear you were into artsy things

Can I ask for a scan please? Thank you in advance

I saw an image of bombs exploding near you and damaging you , a series of misfortunes have previously happened to you , serious misfortunes , The Archangel Michael urges you to stay on the path of goodness and to continue working hard , you cannot control the negative events surrounding your life , what you can try to control however is your reaction to it

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Could somebody please scan my Godform? I’ll do a scan in return.

I’ll do my best, thank you

I saw an image of inside your mind being black , and you look in the mirror , you seemed to have some form of self hatred going on “ you should continue working towards self improvement “

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Yes I’m working on self improvement

For you I feel a beautiful gentle Angelic energy. Similar to a Seraph. Lots of immense power hidden under a gentle surface.

If anyone wants a scan , reply to this

I could use a scan but I am a newb fyi. An attempt will be made!

I saw you relaxing on a bench with a woman in your life, then going out with friends , then I saw an image of a tornado going through your life and everything was on fire , then you were initiated into the occult and things you didn’t think were possible before you started to witness

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Did someone want to trade with me? :eyes: I gonna try to be as accurate as possible.

I saw an image of you rocking out to music , and you seemed to be shunning women , and killing time , sitting behind a computer , The Archangel Michael advises not secluding yourself from others and that you should focus on improving your mental health as well as practicing self improvement exercises

Sorry was at work
I saw a shadow with his back to a golden/cream light, the a dude in armor of the same color, and then a cowboy hat. After that was nothing. No clue if that’s accurate

Seems accurate but vague still

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I’d like one just for fun. Who’s up for a trade?

I already replied to the thread but just saw this. You down for a trade or somethin?

I’m not yet able to offer a trade. I offer my gratitude instead. Would you be willing to scan me? More or less interested in my true self. If not no biggie. Be blessed either way.

I saw an image of you observing the results of others on this forum , you found them quite fascinating , you managed to have some amount of success in your results but not as much as you would like , you were also idolizing EA Koetting and other high up people you thought were black magicians

@NailOH Spot on in an entirely literal sense of what I’ve been doing on the forum ever since I joined, as well as the last few days. The whole “idolization” part is kind of hilarious to me (in a good way). For the past few days I’ve been casually doing some introspective work and deconstructing what and why it is that EA among some others always rub me the wrong way, and why many others I admire here don’t bother me, although I hold most of them in my mind with the same level of “respect”. Completely accurate depiction of my last few days in regards to the form. Congrats m’dude.

My reading was… interesting to say the least. I did it by linking my consciousness to your username and using the profile pic as a portal for my consciousness to enter through. First I see a man (you) in a well kept apartment sitting on a couch with a computer in front of him. You takes a sip of water and stand up to get some fresh air on a balcony, it seems to be the afternoon but not quite the evening. The apartment seemed very high up like a skyscraper, and you look down below on the west side to view the bustling city below as the sun at afternoon turns into a sunset. You take a deep breath and from my empathic senses I felt you were very balanced. Not depressed or overwhelmed, nor completely joyous or content, but you were relaxed nonetheless. You step inside and on a counter near what I believe to be a kitchen, there is a piece of paper with a well drawn symbol somewhat similar in appearance and vibe to metatrons cube, though more spherical. You then close your eyes as a tear falls from your face and hits the center of the symbol (you weren’t sad at all, though a tad more… melancholic lets say).

This is the interesting part. The tear opens the symbol like a portal and both myself (a mere sphere of consciousness, as is my preferred vessel for exploring these types of mental realms for readings/etc) and you were pulled into the portal. I am now in my own astral body, with you in front of me. The landscape is dark and we seem to be standing on a large flat black-dirt landscape with patches of both warm and cool mist in the air. You took the form of a shadowy robed man with your face hidden behind a hood. I felt a calm energy radiating from you, I wouldn’t call it “loving” per se; it was a caring and compassionate vibe but not overly so. you extend your hand and from a fiery red energy form a glittering gold key encrusted with gems. You reach your hand out and open a compartment in my torso (i actually have one astrally, one of the reasons I know it was me and that my consciousness want just inhabiting something else, plus it had the same tech inside it…) but as you open the compartment the tech inside it changes from it’s normal colors to be that of gold and glittering gems as you place the key inside my chest at the core. You said “This is yours now.” in a calm velvety voice, it sounded masculine but felt feminine.

I scanned my actual core and there’s nothing new inside of it, so it’s probably just symbolic, but did seem to appear as glittering gold and gems at a first glance. But symbolic or not, that was cool. I’ve never had that happen to me before with my scanning procedures lol. Hopefully something in my scan resonated with you. I may be out of practice when it comes to scanning others on an in depth level but maybe not.

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Yup , seems to perfectly resonate