Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Very good

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You did make me giggle…

Trouble is expected at present due to my workings.

Your scan resonates with me in a unique way,
The empty place is a starting/meeting point astrally.
The serpents a sign/protection from my bond since birth, they also take me places…plus a warning to others…depends on the vibe they give off.

The two adolescents well there not human should we say…protected I am, felixaeble and able To learn but most importantly how to use resources on offer or another energy/magic against another instead of draining my own is something I’ve worked hard on.

The table belongs to another at least it was water this time :wink:, seriously though the fact it was metal and water I can take.

Blessings :blush:

Now your scan…

I can hear lots of chatter but from a distance…I see a figure in the distance i’m barefoot as I can feel the grass beneath my feet as the moon grazes the trees…I smell pine and damp moss.
I approach a stone circle and you turn towards me startled.
You raise an energy shield protecting yourself yet also keeping away those that are worthy of your company…
You glance your eyes at me (or should I say stare😉)
Your eyes are like a dragons… you sense I am safe and allow me to enter your stone circle.

There’s a fire in the centre.

You stand dressed in dark leather Can smell leather and fire with hints of green and red fabric peaking through the leather, you shimmer as if separating yourself into two.
I look around and there are sigils carved into the stones, although some not complete like you have just started working on something new.

You hold a dragger in your right hand and some sort of chalice in the other one of silver and one of gold.
I get a mixed Energy feeling from you like your path is not set in stone,
I step back as the chatter gets louder and remove myself from your circle as you raise your shield once again.

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Can someone scan me as well please? I would truly appreciate it!

I’d love to be scanned if someone can do me?

Pieces of eight! X. Can you look/scan deeper my friend?

Pieces of what ?

@DustofDiamond hello sorry to call request upon you was hopeing to be able to trade a scan. I’m no where near as advanced as your senses but I’ll give my best shot. Just let me know if your interested.

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I’ll trade just give me an hour :blush:

So I’m standing in a room filled with bright light which bounces of the white walls, the floor is also white too with gold engraving in the centre.
There’s an arched door…made of wood the smell of the wood is strong as if a newly fell tree.

I open it using a brass handle and on the other side is a well in the centre of a circle of stone (grey in colour) with arch ways all around 9 to be exact.

I see a male standing looking in to the well.
He’s dressed in a Viking style battle outfit, the detail on the leather is stunning.

As I approach the stone is cold beneath my feet the air rushes past me.
I walk to the well as green, blue and gold energy rush up from the well engulfing him.

I look in the well and see many images flickering in the water it feels like the past… like he’s re visiting or thinking about an event.

I gaze up as the energy fog clears and see that he holds an axe in his right hand witch he rest between his hand and the well rim.
His left arm is bleeding and is wrapped in purple and green dressings/ribbon, in his left hand he holds a sliver Dagger With an amethyst stone embedded in the handle.
He take his helmet off and rest it on the well.
His face is stained in blood and a tear rolls down his cheek, a warrior yet only a humble human underneath.
There’s a pile of books on a stone bench I think this links to answers/knowledge you seek.

Quite random…but it’s what I get so I shall give
I see a clock well a sundial and it’s moving round faster then it should, there is also a strong female energy around you.

The male nods at me and I take my leave.

can i get a scan pleasee??

hey can you do a scanning on me im trying to connect to my highest desires

Welcome @bryanbrax It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so before asking members for scans, PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


I saw an image of you watching the clock and counting down until something , then I saw an image of you being on fire due to COVID and what was happening around the world , “ he should resort to hard work and cut down on laziness “

I saw an image of you throwing usual girly stuff in the garbage , and relaxing in a shirt and a pajama long sweatpants , you were also throwing makeup in the trash , then I saw an image of all your occult experiments crashing “ she needs to work on self improvement first before anything else “

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In this case The Archangel Michael revealed nothing else , he simply said to continue working hard

what does that mean?

Which part

Can i get a scan as well. Thank you so much in advance :slight_smile:

self improvement?

Build good habits