Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Is there any chance your able to do akashic records? If not I’d still love to get a scan I ask that any angels that are watching over me make them selves revealed through you. Sorry to out you on the spot like that but I doubt it would be a problem for you.

@NailOH woops didn’t do as Instructed. So if your willing gmthe things I mentioned on comment above or can you scan and find out about the military dude thats just chilling in a salute stance. First time this has ever happened at first because of what I’ve been though I was like fun but I know better then to hate so I’m practicing positive energy stuff and he actually responds when my energy effects him other then that he just stand there like a statue. Really makes me curious what he’s doing.

Btw your m got a gift my friend I’d probably be scared to try to use that much Intuition and just Implied thoughts.

I have been experimenting for a few months, some have succeeded some have failed.

You got this right to. I live 4 hours away from my family and do to the state of my car, I cant actually go visit them. My relationship is strained currently but me and my partner are working on improving it.

Also correct, I have no job so no cash flow. I did get some cash but I did spend it on some stuff I needed and some things I wanted. Its something I need to work on saving money.
Thank you for the scan @NailOH do you want me to scan you?

Hi all, this is quite a thread. I’m open to being scanned by anyone who’d like to do it. I don’t really know how to scan another person, so I’d love some pointers on that. :slight_smile:

If this still applies can yo do the same for me Xag? I wanna know what spirits are around/want to work with me, and what my god form looks like I’ll scan back :grin::grin:


If you’ve got the time and inclination. I posted a photo.

Would appreciate this brother I’m in need of some guidance or message during these tough times

No need to scan me , glad you’re happy

I saw an image of you doing your nails , your physical appearance was very important to you , you also care about being accepted in social circles

:thinking: I shall have to think about that one…quite possibly you may of been mislead during scanning, you wouldn’t be the first.

I can smell fire and metal…my eyes hurt from the smoke, I see a Plateau, a hooded figure not like a cloak but under armour the garments are gold and red and the armour stained red (blood)

As I approach I sense no danger, but someone who is cautious of those around them.
You turn to face me balancing on the edge of the Plateau, beyond the Plateau is emptiness…you remain cautious in your workings.

You hold a sword in your left hand that is tied to your hand with purple ribbon.
In your right you pour dirt from your hand that defies time as it falls.

A scar/marking on your arm, you speak words to me yet they are muffled by the flames that burn behind me.
You nod To the unknown…the emptiness.
So I step closer to the edge, you mention something about leaving something behind and the dirt changes to water once again defying time as it falls.
You use the sword to make marking in the ash.
Which look like Norse writings…

You start to create a path in to the unknown yet still remain on the Plateau…

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I saw an image of members of your family walking out on you , due to bad habits , I saw you drinking and you seemed to have a vicious temper , “ he should practice aggressive meditation and mental heath exercises “

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Can’t say this is accurate at all. I don’t even drink nor have a bad temper but thanks nonetheless I appreciate it. Check out my other thread there are djinn cast on me as part of serious baneful work and I think this might affect it. I can feel their agression and impaired mental health is a result of their work. I’ll still meditate on your message

Also what is aggressive meditation? Becoming aware of aggression?


The drinking in the image does not mean literal drinking , but it is symbolic , feel free to ask me about parts that don’t seem to resonate , if you check my activity , you’ll see that of the dozens I scan there is about a 98% success rate

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It’s fine. I realized that the whole message is purely symbolic right after typing. I meditated on it and I could grab a couple things out of it. Ty

I want to play, anyone want to trade?

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I’ll trade

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You will laugh

I had a trouble in the beginning then I saw some things like serpents coming from a kind of source,the place was like (see the picture) I saw a beautiful woman, she wears black clothes (if u ask me, she seemed serleena (men in black))

I see her walking and 2 adolescents looking at her, they were hiding (or trying it) they run and the woman comes for them, she does a big jump with an “aerial” and intercept their way and she gives the sign of “stop”, then appear some “opponents”, even some of them had weapons and one threw a fire ball (with something, it didn’t appeared a superpower) she seems to be a skilled fighter and gymnast, she overcome one by one using his techniques with flying kicks and tricks (search “tricking”)
Finally she goes to a metal table and takes a glass with water, she drinks it and goes away

But empty

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A message from a divine power for you “ he needs to stop focusing on pleasing others and focus on himself “

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You’ve been read by me already “ she’s on the right path , she simply needs to continue working hard and practicing “

Thank you

I saw a single raindrop falling to the water, the water or the place looks dark, the waves go away (I see it refined) then fall more raindrops one by one, my visions goes down, I’m in the sea it’s deep, I see a great white shark

it seems dangerous, experienced (scars) and active, the shark was hunting, he moves very fast and I see a blue whale it’s very big, it pass quietly, I feel some impressions like this
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The whale left the place and I see the shark, it saw something,it catchs a fish very fast and eats it…he is still hunting but now it’s a seal, the seal is above and the shark comes from the deep and catch it and goes out of the water with a jump.

I see the shark again and it leaves the place