Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Btw try scanning my display picture as just the image and not connected to me it’s pretty adorable.

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The Egyptian part of it kinda makes sense for me personally, kinda. Im not that into it but im somewhat connected.

Im not good at scanning but ill try with the profile pic.

Scan for a scan?

I see a guy sitting on a couch with tan skin, short hair and glasses. In a modern styla apartment. He looks like he’s in deep thought about something. The feeling i get is that he’s kinda of an average joe who is just trying to find answers and has explored ‘magic/witchcraft’ in his journey to find answers. Youre not like the dark magicians that i see on the forum all the time. You’re more mellow and less dense. I feel we’d get along but we dont have much in common. At one point you were holding a black book. I saw a weird foriegn script in it that i dont recognize. Idk if that has any meaning. @NailOH

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Il do a trade for a trade!

Am I invisible? Lol…no one want to trade?

Wait for me pls :flushed:

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No problem, I will wait.

You wanna go first? :sweat_smile:

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Your choice?

Do you want me to go first?

Yes I’m working this it
You are amazing
My scans are not very developed or I’m not allowed to see that aspect of others

I have done an incantation for increase my intuition

Well lest go

In the beginning I see skies, it’s like I’m in a space ship, it’s too fast even I feel the movement (it’s like I’m the pilot) “skies” with clouds…(…=later) dark, storm, raining, sunny, purple sky…then J go to the space and I come back to the earth
I see a humanoid, he is gray, tiny, tall, his face is hard to recognize

The go to the ground (withouthis ship) he is just there, he saw a cave a go to “explore”…a insects go hunt him, he runs he tray to scape but he can’t he stops and to a second I see him hesitate or thinking and he expels fire from his hands and burn all those insects
He is stilling exploring and find a big place with water, I can see him so that place has a kind of light, he found some briefcases, black boxes and he began to open them
I see a man (human) shot him, he tries to scape but he couldn’t and fall, the man shot him in the head and turns around and go away, the man is 4 or 5 meter of distance and the humanoid get up, he recover his heath and hugs the guy, it seems too strong that he killed the human
The humanoid leaves, the stands right there
The end

I would like, I’m with you Right now

Stop, breathe and take heed of the moment! at this point you are all! You have given nothing, nor asked for anything. Take your bearings, like the compass, your compass! Pick the path with care…north isn’t always north! Keep your eyes on the dirt that you tread. I have the feeling you are reckless, both feet first!

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That’s a pretty cool scan in it I’m the alien right? The tall skinny grey one? I was skinny the only time I ever had a alien encounter type of thing a ship flashed a light on me when I was meditateing outside I opened eyes and looked up and seen something tiny flying away still flashing ever other second about I watched it travel a dotted line it seemed u til it disapeared.

I like the scan but was confused about being killed then just getting back up and hugging the killer I am a very forgiving type of person though. I guess what ever I found in those black boxes was classified lol
I can relate to being shot down by the man lol and as much as shouldn’t I still try to like them and want to do good with them so I can sorta see where dieing and coming back and hugging them would fit.
I just wish I knew what was the actual thing that corisponds to the black box and brief cases.

What did you do to highten your senses share please could be a useful thing to add if I haven’t allready came across it?

I really liked how the scan I gave you turned out like you said about not able to see others godforms
But yea the spirit that took the wolf image wants attention should try and contact in I’d try picturing a baby wolf on its back being all cute like to start but mainly just because it’ll probably be easier to contact him that way, I have a spirit animal wolf I’ve never really gotten a good image of it but haven’t contacted him for a while he was manafested in my room when I first interacted with him.

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It was really strange
It is…

Its sunny I’m in the water, it seems the sea but it could be a lake, then my vision goes to the sun…

At night I’m in the forest, I read every creature there, it sounds a loving place I see the trees and my vision goes to the sky/moon

Im a cave but there everything is water, I’m swimming and a beast catch (kraken) my leg with its tentacles, it “eats” me and spit (with it mount), I go away I go to the ground, I didn’t know but I have a short M4 or hk416, I explore, the danger didn’t finish yet I’m aiming the gun all the moment, I see figures, a women with swords, unnamed soldiers, even some creatures seem zombies, monsters, the man is killing them (he is really good) he took the choice to leave and he goea to the water, I don’t see danger there,there is cave in the water he is swimming…swimming (I think he know the exit) he goes to a place (it seems he go inside (he is in a waterhole) and he take something and come back to the surface

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Thank you…it makes sense… nothing strange about that! Lol…x

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I thought it could be Marchosias :see_no_evil:


Guys, Use this

-Increase your intuition, source word of power and transformation

Intention and passion 3 times, last one “loudest”

bark-ah-lon dee

I have sent you this, because it will help you on your way! Whatever path you decide to skip down! Lol. This is your reset, start over point! X

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