Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

I know that Archangel Michael is around, I see references of him everywhere I go. I mean every single day I’m seeing his angel numbers. Thank you for the scan, I will definitely return the favor as soon as my work schedule allows (I work with another spiritual practitioner).

Would you be able to give me a scan?

I saw an image of a guy who looked mega gloomy and suicidal , a variety of negative circumstances over the years of your life have led to having depression , “ he needs to stop with his self-pity , and work hard on improving his mental state “

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Not really suicidal nor gloomy, struggling with mental health however, and yes circumstances have lead me to big depression. Thanks for the scan <3

I would like to play, do you want to do a trade?

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Would anyone be so kind to provide me with a scan please?

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I’ll trade, im a begginner scanner tho…

I feel like ur a intermediate magick user that focuses on darker types magick. But i also feel like your a big gentle giant type that i would get along with.

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Only if you scan back…

Nah, I wish I could. Thanks anyway

It was “rare”
It wasnt strong
I have seen a bird, big brown bird
It was flying and going to the sun (sun shine and I left to see it in the sky) and a feather fell

I see the feather falling and It fell to a lake, it is still falling even in the earth until a place that looks like a hell butI could be the center of the earth, it is still “falling” into the lava and I see a dark place, it’s like the space but with webs and there were things like the metatron’s cube (white) and in the middle I see a figure like this put it has white opaque aura

I’m new in magick​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

There’s a link within the thread where you can read the scan guide and return the scan. Practice makes perfect not wishing and not doing anything.

Mmm I see beautiful garden or forest (whatever but I was in the nature) I was using my clothes
The place was beautiful and I see I little animal maybe a platypus, I touch him and I keep it in my hands then it goes away and I leave it
I’m still walking and I see a beautiful pond, I see the water ( crystalline) I sit down, I lay
A beautiful lady comes to me (I think a nymph) the was white her skin, hair, eyes, clothes (she seems a hologram
I stand up and I talk with her (i dunno what we were talking) a 2nd girl appeared but with a basket (maybe with fruits, I’m not sure) and the 1st one gives it to me and we say goodbye


Hey so I think archangel Michael has been with be for the past few days. Which is new to me. Are you able to confirm/do a small scan to check.

Thank you so much! I will definitely read this information to develop this skill. I appreciate you :heart_eyes:


Scan for a scan?


It is true

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Thank you for confirming for me. I didn’t wanna doubt it. I just needed extra confirmation. So thank you, angels are new to me…

This looks to be interesting, does anyone want to trade scans?