Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Yes it does resonate, thank you.

Yep. The storm in the mind represents the chaos my mind was going through. Along with the distancing from friends part, this was a very accurate reading. Thank you

Thank you , I do my reading through The Archangel Michael , he’s my guardian , you can scroll up and see the accuracy rate

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I would like to be scanned as well. I know that I have several Orisha guarding me, that Baron Samedi and Queen Lilith was present when I was born in 1983. I also started recently working with Obalata, Papa Legba, and Bast.

Would I be able to be scanned?

I work with Freya, Odin, and Ariel. Will also be working with Aphrodite soon.

I saw an image of you dabbling in various sciences and you were doing some kind of dance , you were making an offering to a spirit , then I saw an image of you and Papa Legba , you were a little girl in his eyesight and you were holding his hand and dancing , whatever he did to you , you started to dance with far more skill and do it much better

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I’ll take a reading of myself if somebody is willing

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anyone will to do a trade ?

Scanned you, saw a massive angel, asked who it was, Archangel Metatron I think

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Wow interesting , can you go into further detail ?

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On the right (me) please scan

do you want to do a trade ?

I saw you looking at offerings and wondering which ones to give your deities β€œ she is gaining more and more knowledge and getting closer to her deities , then I saw an image of you walking a path , and you saw various other paths , you were wondering if the one you were waking on was correct , then I saw an image of you browsing the forum and you seemed to feel at home here

I saw an image of you dabbling in the occult , you were also thinking of trying experiments but you had a large amount of fears of your experiments going wrong , you also had a fear of demons

No need to trade , I saw an image of you meditating and improving yourself , β€œ everyday she is gradually getting better , The Archangel Michael commends you , because you are making an effort to put aside most things and better yourself , lastly, in your future I saw your pockets on fire due to the virus

ooo thank you @NailOH and you no need to trade well if you say so. thank you friend.
little take back that Archangle michael like me. i allways thought angle never would have like me. but i guess im silly and yeah due to the virus is really hard to find a job. pules on under curfew rn, so it bit hard to find sort of job. but sure something will true up.


Continued to scan you, results are in pm I just sent you, I think we should keep this in pm :slight_smile: