Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!


Starting with your energy system I see your energy body seems a bit fragile at the moment as it looks as though it has not been worked out yet, your pathways are thin to a degree but on the plus side you don’t have much of any stagnation besides the usual day to day gunk we collect. The way your energy is taking the form is of a liquid, and it’s cold. The sound your energy makes is like a tune fork which tells me your energy vibrates on a fast density and it smells like the leaves during fall.

When I look for your core I find it behind your heart chakra as this crystalline greenish orb that gives off this pulsating vibe. As I dive further into it I come to your soul landscape and find I’m standing within this large valley with a few trees here and there the sky is day, however without clouds or a sun.
I start to walk through your soul landscape and I see your soul landscape defenses/thoughtforms are in the form of earthly animals, they seem focused on whatever it is they’re focused on throughout your landscape, I feel this pull towards this larger tree and as I approach the tree there’s a hollow opening within it and I enter it to only come to the inside of the tree that seems like a large home within it that seems like it couldn’t possibly be within a tree.

I call out to anyone within it, specifically your true self or in this case the subconscious manifestation of your true self. As I do there’s the strong smell of leaves again and this being shows itself, she’s pure energy and I tell her who I am and why I’m here and she nods her voice soft and almost a whisper. I ask her is she an elemental and she nods. I ask what element is she and she has me follow her instead of speaking it, however she does mention nature, where she leads me is further into the tree and puts her hands on the soil and starts to form roots that dig into the soil and expand then she begins to speak again but her voice more that of a male “earth elemental” but her voice then goes back to what it was before and she asks if I wanted to ask anything else and I asked where are her Akashic records and she leads me elsewhere and her Akashic records seem to manifest differently than what I’ve known them to manifest as.

When I see the Akashic records they appear as thick singular roots and she explains to me that each root would pull me through the memories of each life and I asked about the true self life and she shows me the largest root that spirals around the tree and into the ground, this root is larger and more nurtured than the others.

I then asked before leaving why she shifts her voice from feminine to masculine and back and she speaks that she’s able to be what she wants and simply chooses to take on the feminine aspect, that as an elemental she sees no real difference in either besides her choice to take on either and this was simply to show me.

I nodded and took my leave from the inner temple/tree but before I did she had this little squirrel come to her that seemed like it might be one of her animal guides and left the landscape.

Yea i would like to trade with you.

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Thank you so much. That meant a lot !!

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Let’s trade

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Ok should i begin?

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Anyone want to trade?

I can’t scan, but would appreciate if someone would like to scan me.

Anyone up to scan me?

Interesting. I would be happy to provide one or two insights (my method of ‘scanning’ is different to most). It is not so much a reading of you as a person, and more a reading of where your soul has travelled unconsciously. A reciprocal ‘scan’ is not required, but I would be interested in the results if anyone did decide to do one. Just reply to this message or I can also do this via PM if you would prefer privacy. No inappropriate or strange messages though, please.

Will u scan back

I’ll possibly choose another at random again later today


Can, I get, a scan?

Apologies in the delay,

I’m standing on the edge of a cliff…darkness surrounds me to the point I can barely see the cliff edge.
The waves crash against the bottom and I can smell the sea air.
I smell incense…similar to dragons blood.
I hear calling in the distance a call to a you about a new working to take on but remain cautious and don’t be distracted.
I walk along the edge towards a male…wearing black and red robes, adorned with a cloak, beaded ribbons along the edge.
I approach with caution…the dark energy engulfs the surrounding area and surges through the male standing in front of me but with a hint of purple wrapping around his arms…
He holds a staff in his right hand which is engraved from top to bottom in his left the element of fire…
I sense a a strange calmness as he works yet if he
was angered he would become extremely upset very quickly…so I’m going to be on my best behaviour.
He shows me some recent knowledge he has learnt but he understands this is only the beginning for him, I see a new creation some form of art work…actually I think it’s a new sigil…
As a being rises beside him to complete a bond.
He raises his hand to me as if to banish me so I leave out of respect.


Very Interesting.

You got some points that are actually happening right Now.

I am creating a new sigil for a Client the other one i allready finished for personal workings.

Well i shall write what i gathered from you now.

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Well when i scan you
I allways got this static picture and vision of you.

A beautyfull curvy (normal height and weight but a bit on the thicc good side) Figure most part naked with a flower Crown long Hair a litle bit over the Shoulders. Around the waist like a Medieval Robe that are only hiding the buttocks part and the genetalia part sides and Curves are shown.

The interesting part is i only see the Figure not the body as a whole because you as a figure shines a yellowy-gold radiant light like a light being in manifestation as this Form i have described. I canot see Face Features nor breasts navel any deatil only yellow Golden light in such Form. Your radians emits a light bluish glow in the end of the yellow -Gold glow.

You reside in a beautyfull rocky cave (that is illuminated by bluish energys and the Rocks are blue) you stand in the end of a stone staircase the end of the higher part. that looks a litle mayan Temple staircase but all Naturally formed of Indigo or blue stone.

A Wolf is Coming to you also all in white such a wolfform only in white radians. You bow down to it and give it a Kiss on the forehead after that you stand up the Wolf Leaves in a rush into a Forest and than illuminates the whole Forest (I looked on your Profile maybe it has a significanse maybe it influenced a Bit idk)

After that you stand again on your normal stance and emited white energy Waves three times if i want to be exact and than it was done.


I would love a scan please and thank you.

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I pick at random not really by request, not yet anyway since this is more for me to keep my scanning efficient. But don’t worry I’ll get to you soon but I already decided who for this current scan.

Alright… No problem

Thankyou for your interest. I shall do this for you now.

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Here if you want. Thank you!

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