Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

This is incredible and sounds a lot like the journeys I go on. I can’t say I’ve seen myself in green however I’ve never really though about looking. In reference to the smoke, generally when manifesting there my powers are built from this. I have a strong connection to the Earth and use elements and Earth magick a lot! I also have a bond with the sky. Thank you!

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Ahh. Yes. That’s one o f my aspects.
Did yours make sense to you. I got the feeling from the power of that grizzly that as part if you ah totem. Your connection with the Dark secret the cave the gateway

I didn’t exactly understand yours, what did it mean?

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The hunting the mind powers of t hg e bear… hunt search.
You find the river
Its not what is enough for you

The river is th e great stream of life.
The bear is you are embodying it’s aspects and characteristics protect wisdom power. The grizzly great power emenation.

The cave is where you go to like a computer room or another doorway t hhe touching of pictures you are connect to other beings in another plane again another passage.


If someone would scan my new picture I would be grateful :heart:. I can’t scan anyone’s :pensive:.

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Here’s a link to learn how


Thank you :blush::heart:

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Scan trade?

Hey! So I did a new scan because… yeah. I think I just scanned what you saw, and thought it was your goddess. I was wrong. PM me!

I’ll trade you if you like.

Im bored someone do me. Ill repay in kind. Lol

I just made a petition to Abaddon. Anyone want to check on me with a scan?

Would anyone like to trade?

anyone wanna trade?

I’ll trade. @Xag_darklight

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what i see is a moving swinging golden fire in a big torch that is near a corner of a marble golden temple the whole room seems illuminated by this golden fire,the place feels cozy,theres white light sparks that gives me another picture of the temple,in the center theres a portal.

this had to do with lucifer as he manifest there from formless darkness the fires are swinging faster and faster i see leafs blowing like theres a storm there.

i feel you are rising but you must rest a part of yourself and keep moving faster and higher but what you need the most is to overcome yourself and your limits.


I see a giant old fashion library with spiral metal steps. So many different desks. A lot of lamps and golden colors and brown. In the library is older man who reminds me of a road with thick glasses. His job to make to help you find the things you are looking for.

When I see you I see a shadow figure who is tall with long feather wings outstreatched.

In the center is fire thatoutlines veins or roots.


Thank you, the last part really rang true.

Anyone wanna trade?

Hey is there any chance you can scan my eyes on eye scanning thread as I done you? Dont worry if you’d rather not, just thought id chance it :blush:

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