Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Hey, yes sorry. I went into a major depressive slump and felt super disconnected. I’m just coming out of it so please forgive me if I’m way far off.
I feel the color navy blue, like the depths of the ocean, but warm not cold. I sense a demonic entity to your right though it’s not malicious, just waiting to help. He has horns and a long angular face. I feel a lot of blue around you. Not sadness just the color. It feels nostalgic

Who is down for a scan exchange?

Hello,can someone scan my godform?Thanks in advance

I don’t know if I can scan someone else but I am curious about this.

Ill take that offer

Check out this thread:


General or sth specific?

Generals fine

When I scanned you at first I started to hear running water, rather loud.

Then I saw a stream, running through a small patch of forest and an owl was hooting very loudly (for a moment there might’ve been a sort of big cat I saw brief glimpses of).

My concentration was broken, but when I returned it was the same patch of forest but at night and very spooky looking.

My face was grabbed by a shadowy female who turned me to look at her. She seemed to have a sexual sort of energy and was trying to hold my attention.

I returned my attention to the forest.

Again there was a loud hooting and I saw an owl directly in front of my face for a moment.

In the darkness it seemed like there was alot of creatures moving and sneaking around.

I had a hard time focusing after that.


Swap anyone?

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Sure, anything specific?

Cool. Yes. How about a soul/godform scan? I also recently did cord work. Can you see if anything is noticeable?

Thanks. What would you want?

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General for me

I sense a lot of Solar/Fire energy along with Air. Your aura is very vibrant and strong and there’s fire in an animated ying-yan motion behind you.

You godform wears a long robe and has long hair in a low ponytail. The robe is green with gold thread embroidery in a repeating pattern of a 4-petaled flower. There’s a lot of light behind you, but you look very dark in a sense? I can’t make out your features except strong facial features and a masculine appearance because the rest is hidden by shadows. Your sacral chakra is also prominent.

The most dominant colors are yellow, orange and white. It seems like you’re skilled at alchemy and energy work, because I see you making energy balls but in a medieval lab-like setting. The lab has a lot of jars and vials filled with liquids, which also take me to aromatherapy and/or poisons :thinking:

That’s all I’m getting. I haven’t done enough godform scans so it’s not that detailed :sweat_smile:

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Could i swap a scan with someone?

Sure swap with me @Zabazu22

Thanks for the scan.
That sounds scary.
I did a negative entity removal „meditation“ with michael and raphael yesterday
but also evoked namaah…
My bed was being pushed/shaken It was just for a second, but weird…

Do you think Its possible that I have a parasite attached?

(I‘ll scan you later)

Bit rusty so first i saw a scenery of near a forrest there were some cut logs ( cut trees) around then saw a tunnel made of flowers and nature , that ended up at a shore , with a large water like a sea , ending up with a storm in a distance , may be how i see your energy or smt , saw a big black cat and a leopard near you or may be ur spirit animal of sorts , ur chakras seems to flow steadily with no major problems , there is some inclination with working wish dark side or so to speak , it’s a part a you but not a big one . You into shamanism or smt close to it? Saw you ur godself as a big man like one from Hellboy without all the horns and devil stuff , you seemed like smt in between like a humanoid of some sort with animalic face .
Anything rings true ? Also saw energy flowing from ur feet into the earth

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I didn’t sense anything negative.

If anything, you mentioning Naamah kinda makes sense. Lol

(I was kinda getting the impression of LILITH with the owl, but I didn’t sense anything that overtly said Lilith to me)

Keep in mind, scans are also symbolic in a lot of ways.

If you’re really worried about it you can call on the Luna servitor:


Also forgot saw an owl by it side as well

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