Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

I feel like ur a intermediate magick user that focuses on darker types magick. But i also feel like your a big gentle giant type that i would get along with.

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Only if you scan back…

Nah, I wish I could. Thanks anyway

It was “rare”
It wasnt strong
I have seen a bird, big brown bird
It was flying and going to the sun (sun shine and I left to see it in the sky) and a feather fell

I see the feather falling and It fell to a lake, it is still falling even in the earth until a place that looks like a hell butI could be the center of the earth, it is still “falling” into the lava and I see a dark place, it’s like the space but with webs and there were things like the metatron’s cube (white) and in the middle I see a figure like this put it has white opaque aura

I’m new in magick​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

There’s a link within the thread where you can read the scan guide and return the scan. Practice makes perfect not wishing and not doing anything.

Mmm I see beautiful garden or forest (whatever but I was in the nature) I was using my clothes
The place was beautiful and I see I little animal maybe a platypus, I touch him and I keep it in my hands then it goes away and I leave it
I’m still walking and I see a beautiful pond, I see the water ( crystalline) I sit down, I lay
A beautiful lady comes to me (I think a nymph) the was white her skin, hair, eyes, clothes (she seems a hologram
I stand up and I talk with her (i dunno what we were talking) a 2nd girl appeared but with a basket (maybe with fruits, I’m not sure) and the 1st one gives it to me and we say goodbye


Hey so I think archangel Michael has been with be for the past few days. Which is new to me. Are you able to confirm/do a small scan to check.

Thank you so much! I will definitely read this information to develop this skill. I appreciate you :heart_eyes:


Scan for a scan?


It is true

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Thank you for confirming for me. I didn’t wanna doubt it. I just needed extra confirmation. So thank you, angels are new to me…

This looks to be interesting, does anyone want to trade scans?

@Nostre I’m down to trade some scans reply when ever your ready I can post a picture of myself for you if you prefer. I’d like to have a godform scan to hear what I appear as to you

I see a topless man with a long wide bladed sword
beIN held in his left hand can’t tell if its just being held this way or if your left handed. onee side of the hilt comes back up onwards the blade there’s a pattern like a dragons eye in the the blade right above the handle where it’s still very large. there’s like mini wings feathers coming out of your wrists your hair I about two inches long in a wavey like spiked Patterson your wearing flowy pants. Your hair is blonde and the pants are white. Now not sure about this part but I seen silver chains strung up on your ear. I asked where do you reside and then seen a grassy area with animals around it then you sat at a table that reminded me of the mad hatters tea party. I try to see more and it starts to fade out but a cute little grey bunny is standing up. I pictured you sitting all comfortably with a leg up appearing to have a yup attitude and seen what appeared to be to be lave walls behind you. I asked or another one of your realms. I tried to re focus and had another image come over the top of you so I’m not sure if its relevant normally when that happens it’s somthing else but seen an elephant and then a elephant skeleton. Btw your wearing sandals. I also had the thought that your name in a past life was Larry but I still doubt my Intuition when ever someone eventually can give you a past life akashic record scan remember me lol for shots and giggles. Btw I did start to get pictures of you with skinny red dragons around you the feather things wernt really showing up besides in the first scans.

So hopefully this is accurate I’m still pretty new to scanning, my first day of scanning I’d just see spirits that were related to the person, I have a friend tiger I met this way the friend that I scanned is still trying to figure out who the tiger is.

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wow … this thread is alive? can i get a scan please :smiley:

My weapon of choice is a sword, and I am left handed.

My soul has been descibed my many as very draconic in nature. So the symbolism is spot on.

This is pretty close to what my true self’s hair does look like. But my hair is more golden brown however depending on the light I can look more blondish.
Not bad scan over all. Good job Vaynord.

My scan for you.
I see a man smiling yet a tear leaves his face, black hair down to his shoulder blades. Standing proud on a battlefield, bodies surround you.
Brown eyes, gentle, but a warrior who will fight if need be and show no mercy. Tan skin you spend alot of time outside.
You dual wield two swords both about 4 feet in length I would say, brown pants, shirtless well muscled not overly. Very chaotic energy, earthy. A necklace of bear teeth.

I’m glad to hear I did good on the scan. So the descriptions you didn’t mention didn’t resonate or make since like sandals and the silver ear jewel those I sorta doubted but it’s what I seen so I wrote it but like I said I was getting images coming from somewhere else other then the scan it seemed after I was into the scan for a little bit.
I’ma read your scan now then I’ll let how it reflects me. My last scan a joker made a fake world that the scanner seen and he revealed himself to both of us it was an icecream world lol so I invited Fenrir to eat the world from what I can tell that made him happy.

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So I’ve had a different image in almost everyone scan and they all resonated I have almost black hair that down to my shoulder blades I definitely am combat capable and sorta feel like I just do well like I can just snap into without being trained but in definitely the type that would tear if I had to kill let alone kill many. I don’t have brown eyes I have like but the last person that gave me a scan that was really good too I had green eyes in, while scanning him I met the tiger while trying to give the person there scan it revealed a fang necklace it actually had two different version of the necklace one that I wasn’t sure if he was supposed to avoid or to make it change Into a red version of the necklace so I’m curious about the necklace now like did the tiger gift it to me instead even though he follows TheMagi. So I was actually starting to practice learning how to duel weild when my magic was at it’s peek ability but the cops came and confiscated both my wooden swords if you’ve never tried lock your arms up flexing your tendons too and swing a sword in slow mebits a wonderouse work out. I can definitely agree with early too I have a great fondness for nature and for a while was able to I teract directly with it like feeling a tree hug you back or laying in the grass and your spirit sinking I to the grass and just feeling awesome once I bonded a single blade of grass with all plants on Earth then after sitting there holding it for a bit randomly I decide I’m going to kill this piece of grass out I’m leaning all my body weight backwards and pulling damn near as hard as I can with both arms and all it seemed to do was slightly stretch was an awesome experience one of those moments like I shouldn’t have tried to pluck it but if I didn’t I’d never of experienced the power of nature through the bond I implemented. I like the idea of my magic type being chaotic drawing from the essence of magic itself but other then that I’m mainly o ly chaotic becuase I didn’t have control of the magic I’ve done would just do it some times without even trying or thinking about it. I miss those days it’s been years since I’ve done any magic other then tarot or scanning well alo besides sexual magic. I started cou ting all the different types of magic I had done and I got o 22 different types of magic. I’m thinking about making a thread and listing all the different types and asking people for their experiences doing any of them and sharing mine. Thanx for the scan

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I would like to play, do you want to do a trade?


I’m not really up for giving you a scan I started to but ended up getting a pretty vivid image of Titus from final fantasy 10 so yea mind isn’t in right place lol. But figured I’d share that somthing thinks your the main hero

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