Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

bro theres lots going on with me, i gots memory issues so might forget the scanning and may not come back to forum for a bit, anyway, you do as you wish, lol, i just got memory issues so may forget the scanning lol

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@Illumia Here is your scan,

  • I saw you standing infront of a huge mansion at night wearing black ritual clothes. There I heard howling of wolves, the house seems haunted. But there’s no fear in you…you enter the house with a quirky smile. As you get in…I see you there naked in the house. And I see many Dark shadows also some spirits emerging from a smoke…shadows filling the house.
    You wander around the house looking at the shadows in awe, suddenly you hear someone calling you from upstairs, I heard the voice was saying “ascendit” in a more whispering way.
    That hypnotic voice. I see You walking upstairs as you enter into a strange ritual room…there is a pentagram cloth on a wall, smoke everywhere…and you hear different voices whispering in your ear so many that you are unable to understand what they’re saying. In that room lies an altar table, I see two candles burning on that altar, one red and one black. You sit there in a meditative position…trying to envoke a spirit as you do that I see at the corner of the room a face emerging from the smoke with horns it’s a little blur but that face is a spirit…a name came to me “king paimon” he laughed at you but you did not notice nor did you heard anything…you being still in a meditative position…suddenly you see yourself at a place all black…a place of nothingness…there is nothing except you all dark and black…you run anxiously here and there after awhile you see a huge hand emerging from within the darkness you run as you hold that hand and it pulls!!! That’s where it ends. :heart::dizzy::sparkles:
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I can be of your help. :heart::dizzy::slightly_smiling_face:

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Was doing a scan for some other person…I’ll do yours now…can I know your name before I proceed?

Thanks a lot :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

Also, if you wanna learn scanning see the steps on this amazing post.
Although it takes a lots of practice but being constant is the key. :star2::dizzy:

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It’s my pleasure. :bouquet: I’m just in a middle of something will do your scan after an hour or two. :slightly_smiling_face::dizzy::star2::heart:

i dont give out myname easy on forum, can you try without name?

Hahaha… Nice scene King Paimon!

Nice scan bro!
You picked up the King’s Vibe.
Thank you !

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You are amazing :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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I chose someone at random to soul dive for their true self again and that is @Gwydion22

When scanning you I am first viewing your energy system, your energy feels like this airy texture with a slight thickness to it, almost like a smog, the energy moves through your pathways at a fairly normal pace, I don’t see any stagnation in your system, but your chakra layout seems a bit zig-zag rather than the usual straight down the spine layout, looking at how your chakras distribute energy through your pathways and minor chakras it looks as though your energy is similar to a pressurized jet stream.

When I look at your elemental energy which is basically the elemental aspects of your energy I see you have what I call “classic” affinity for air and your dominant affinity is a nonclassic which is dark energy/element. However it doesn’t feel infernal it feels older/purer in the sense it may have roots in a far older pantheon/group.

Now when I go further into your energy body I find your core “behind” your heart chakra which looks like this black-ish gray orb that seems to spin slowly, soul diving into it I come to your soul manifested landscape and the first thing I notice is it’s a wide expansive desert, but there’s a clear path leading to your inner temple, following this trail I see thoughtforms that seem to protect your soul landscape, they take the form of what can be described as formless elementals while not exactly being elementals. After a while I come to your inter temple that looks like it’s in ruins and the odd part is it’s surrounded by grass and a few trees, the only spot in this desert that has flora/fauna. I approach this arch that seems to have a clear shift in its archway and as I walk through it the scenery changes and I’m inside a temple and it’s not in ruins, I call out to whose there and a being approached that shares the same energy signature as you; this is your subconscious manifestation which is a manifestation of your true self. He has slightly light blue skin that seems partially unnoticeable but he also has horns on his head and deep black eyes to where it looks like he has no pupils. He has some markings on his body that almost resemble Sanskrit but not quite. When I look around there isn’t many doors that shows me that you have not lived many lives but each door seems to have a lot of wear and tear which tells me these lives were long lived, but one door the door of your true self life is large and holds the same symbols around it and very ornate, I turn my focus back to you and continue to describe what you look like. You have no wings, your claws are black on both your hands and feet, but your attire looks almost similar to what jinn wear but you’re not a jinn in soul. I ask what he is and he speaks as if his voice echoes through the entire temple “I am what some call a demon and others call a daemon” I ask if he’s infernal and he shakes his head in a no manner, he’s speaking another language this I know but it’s coming to me clearly. He proceeds to walk around me and asks about me and I fill him in and we bow to one another in a way as a thanks for allowing me to do the reading and I leave.


I’m glad you chose me. :dizzy::bouquet: :slight_smile:

Would anyone like to trade?

How is it?

Your scanning was amazing.
That part where you said about an expansive desert was totally accurate because when I did inner scanning of my soul I saw a same scene, A temple and a desert.

And also about the door of my true self you said it was large and it is very ornate. I’ve seen the same thing for myself…the door was ornated by Precious stones, rubies and emerald.

And about the jinn part, I’ve worked and conjured jinns since I was 15, maybe you’ll be thinking how so soon? As you also told me about my Elemental energy which felt older/purer to you in the sense that it may have roots in a far older group/pantheon for me it indicates towards my ansectors, they used to practice Magick…conjuring jinns…my grandfather and ancestors used to do a lot of work with jinns. The reason that maybe the energy was passed on to me.

Overall, your reading was amazing! :dizzy::dizzy::dizzy: I loved it!!! :heart::bouquet::wilted_flower:

Ima do another random dive on my lunch break here in a bit.

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Starting with your energy system I see your energy body seems a bit fragile at the moment as it looks as though it has not been worked out yet, your pathways are thin to a degree but on the plus side you don’t have much of any stagnation besides the usual day to day gunk we collect. The way your energy is taking the form is of a liquid, and it’s cold. The sound your energy makes is like a tune fork which tells me your energy vibrates on a fast density and it smells like the leaves during fall.

When I look for your core I find it behind your heart chakra as this crystalline greenish orb that gives off this pulsating vibe. As I dive further into it I come to your soul landscape and find I’m standing within this large valley with a few trees here and there the sky is day, however without clouds or a sun.
I start to walk through your soul landscape and I see your soul landscape defenses/thoughtforms are in the form of earthly animals, they seem focused on whatever it is they’re focused on throughout your landscape, I feel this pull towards this larger tree and as I approach the tree there’s a hollow opening within it and I enter it to only come to the inside of the tree that seems like a large home within it that seems like it couldn’t possibly be within a tree.

I call out to anyone within it, specifically your true self or in this case the subconscious manifestation of your true self. As I do there’s the strong smell of leaves again and this being shows itself, she’s pure energy and I tell her who I am and why I’m here and she nods her voice soft and almost a whisper. I ask her is she an elemental and she nods. I ask what element is she and she has me follow her instead of speaking it, however she does mention nature, where she leads me is further into the tree and puts her hands on the soil and starts to form roots that dig into the soil and expand then she begins to speak again but her voice more that of a male “earth elemental” but her voice then goes back to what it was before and she asks if I wanted to ask anything else and I asked where are her Akashic records and she leads me elsewhere and her Akashic records seem to manifest differently than what I’ve known them to manifest as.

When I see the Akashic records they appear as thick singular roots and she explains to me that each root would pull me through the memories of each life and I asked about the true self life and she shows me the largest root that spirals around the tree and into the ground, this root is larger and more nurtured than the others.

I then asked before leaving why she shifts her voice from feminine to masculine and back and she speaks that she’s able to be what she wants and simply chooses to take on the feminine aspect, that as an elemental she sees no real difference in either besides her choice to take on either and this was simply to show me.

I nodded and took my leave from the inner temple/tree but before I did she had this little squirrel come to her that seemed like it might be one of her animal guides and left the landscape.

Yea i would like to trade with you.

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Thank you so much. That meant a lot !!

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Let’s trade

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