Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Hi! If anyone willing to scan me, I would be incredibly grateful! Thanks.

That’s interesting Freya is the mother of Thor! xx

@Nuclear_Chamber …I see Archangel Zadkiel with his arms folded, like he’s waiting for you to make things happen. I also see a name “Cerridwen” she’s a female, standing by some books.

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I can’t scan either but I would like to know who I am.

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That’s… remarkable. I obviously won’t disclose why but that seems exactly right for my situation. Thank you.


No she isnt. Where did you get that misinformation from?
Thor’s mother is a jotunn named Jörd.

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I assume from the movies because only in the movies does that information gets poorly made up. Freya is Thor’s mom in it, Hel is Odin’s daughter instead of Loki’s, etc.

Hi sorry late reply. Fantastic, I’m glad it helped you in some way. :smiley:

You can Google the Mis-Information. Type " Is Freya the Mother of Thor"

I googled Freya/Freyja etc it said she is the Biological Mother of Thor … but, I could be wrong! If that’s only in the Movies, so be it, I’m wrong! Thanks, I learn something new everyday… and I think to myself :musical_score: WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD… :notes:

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Anyone up for a scan swap? Please message or quote this so I can message you.

Anyone up for a trade?


Can i get a scan please!

I can try my best to trade with whoever helps me out, im new to scanning but will definitely give it a go.

@Voodooking Can you please scan me too? :smiley:

can i get a scan please dm its important!

I can’t scan, as I have no capacity of present to read energy or entities. For this I must apologize in advance. However, I would be quite thankful towards whomever scan me. Much obliged!

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If someone could scan me i would love that, im not sure how to scan others yet but i hope thats okay

could i get a scan