Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Oh wow, you do excellent scans! Could you do me perhaps?


Can I get a scan please I dnt knw how to scan

Looking to trade scans. I’m at work currently so I wont be able to scan until later this afternoon. Just reply back to let me know if you want to trade and we can swap pics and scan when I get back online.

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How exactly do i scan someone? I would really like to learn this technique and even though i still view myselve kinda godlike i am also interested in my god shape :slight_smile:

@Mr_Outsider it is mentioned under popular links in the first post,u could also search how to scan

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You can read this it may help…

Steps to perform scan

@longlostredemption do you want to trade?

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Wanna still trade?

Thanks to both of your answers :slight_smile:

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I can’t scan, but would like to know who I am though.
Thank you, be blessed.

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I would enjoy a scan. I’ll scan back to those that mention me. Thank you


I was reading all the posts and as i was reading your insight to @SHaDoWSToRM696 i clearly seen your face, you were sitting at a throne of some type and i seen a pair of hands behind you holding an oblong crown, more of an egyptian oblong cap made of Gold and has Red jewels around it, the hands was placing it on your head, you looked ahead then the scenario changed… you were walking along a long corridor and egyptian soldiers with long spears and lion heads following behind.

I see you standing beside a white horse wearing a long Grey hooded cloak, another person wearing a long black hooded cloak gives you a book of Norse spells. You hopped on your horse and wrode off.


That’s awesome, thank you for that. It does make some sense

Scan me please @Voodooking. You need a photo?

That’s great it makes sense for you. xx :smiley:

It sound like Tyr, but continue to sesrch

Hmmm never heard of Tyr??

@Starry-nite I see uneasiness in you, your put in a tight spot, fairness is not on your side,

Anyone want to scan me hehe :smiley: