Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

I see your circle in a field of tall grass. Stones mark the circle itself. There’s music playing off in the distance. I see other stones in the circle different colors. You seem focused on your work and intent. There seems to be a spirit your reaching out to and hoping for a response. Just be patient and know that you have been heard and things will come together for you.

The stones are like runes and can direct you, as I see them. The rune. Tyr

This on has big meaning for you.
Justice being done. Among other things. I see it in your circle
You should look into that rune. It has meaning for you.

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Great. I will say that your right on near on the money but not exactly on the money so to speak. Scans can be both inwards and outwards but mostly focused inwards. Then again this is my view on scans. I appreciate it though. Your the first to confirm something of my work. All love.

Would anyone like to trade?

Would you scan me? I don’t know how to scan back.
Thank you.

Steps to perform scan

This may help…

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Thank you. I’m drinking at the moment. I will try when sober. I’m three years into the LHP and I’ve learned so much here. Would you still scan me please?

What do you make of this?

There are some spirits waiting for you to work with them. That is the shadows I see outside of the circle.

The papers inside the circle are written on. Something your working on and writting it down.
The place is full of Magick. It makes the air pop.

I’d say you have alot of work ahead of you.


I want to play again :stuck_out_tongue: I want to improve this

Could you scan me? My Godname is Zuloc. Sorry but I am not great at scanning so idk if I can scan you, but I bought the Compendium of Beezlebub and you are in it!

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Could you please scan me, my True Self’s name is Zuloc

Thank you for the reading. I’d love to know who the statue is of. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Anyone up for a scan?

Do you know how to scan? Sorry, but do not know how to @Reptilian

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Yeah I can scan fairly well.

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Do you think you could scan me, my godname is Zuloc, thanks in advance

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I saw a huge red ball of energy in dark and infinite space, the energy is fairly strong. When reading your energy it numbed me a fair bit, I then saw a being, couldn’t make out its features but I saw the same red energy in its solar plexus or heart chakra.

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Thanks that is interesting and I think the reason that you could not tell which chakra it is, is because I got rid of them (I could get them back at any point if I want to, but I will not, unless it is absolutely necessary). Thanks again

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ahh, yeah that could be why. I didnt see chakras, just the area it was in which was between the heart and solar plexus area.

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