Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Even when other people are telling you about the world, the spritual worlds even, don’t take it for granted. In a way, yes, that fits.

So, I would love to continue scanning, because I think it helps.

I need to hear advice from myself, from what I call the “Self” that exists beyond all the spiritual realities that lie beyond this Omniverse or Source.

I have trouble understanding and fully getting into my own understandings and intuitions because I’m not sure if they’re real or that I’m getting what I want.

I want to know that I will not be reincarnated ever again, and that I’ll be out of this Omniverse.

I just want the scan. We should pm each other.

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Scanning is in my to learn list, I am :ok_hand: this close to projecting.

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Soul diving is usually done through taking normal scanning a step forward and projecting through the link you made to the individual, or physical projection and entering the individual similar to possession but your goal is to aim for the soul and “enter” it.


Can someone scan me??

Can someone scan me too?? :upside_down_face:.

I can’t scan u back srry I am crappy at all this and I don’t wanna send back a half-assed scan :neutral_face:

I am willing to scan others if they return the favor. I do not mind if you are new at it or give a short n sweet scan. After all, practice makes perfect dear ones.


Exactly :smiley:

I realized this too late :sweat_smile:
I should work on myself, rather than depend on others.

I think the reason I wanted a scan was to see how I look like, as I do not have the ability to do so. Seeing others having a scan, I thought, “Why not ask someone to help me?”

But that’s like creating a habit of dependence. I am now working my way towards being a good scanner. Thank you @RosieSweets and @anon48079295 too!! You both have saved me from a mistake!


It’s totally fine to rely on others in terms of confirmations you know? ^^

So Scan is basically see what that person is doing? I’m new so I’m still learning stuff

Scanning is seeing a person’s energy how it looks, feels, sounds like, smells like, even taste like if you decide to use all your clairvoyant senses.

This see your living “Godform” is basically seeing what a person’s true self or “higher self” for some who may have one is be it Deity, Human, Yokai, Demon, Starseed, etc. which this is a bit more than a scan this is somewhat close to a soul dive but not quite.


Anyone want to scan me? :slight_smile:


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You, @anon48079295 , appear to me like an elongated equine skull on a hairless tail-less grey body with webbed hands for feet. The skull has antlers, and hanging off these antlers are bright metallic ornaments that ring with each step, like bells or chimes. A kind of butterfly-bird chimera flits around your head, with the main body of a yellow cardinal but light green wings with orange spots, like a monarch butterfly. There’s an impression of ‘the space between breaths’, like the silence within that gap is where the being resides. It smells of thyme and myrrh, and faintly like freshly cut grass. I get the feeling of ‘Santa’s other Rudolph’; a kind of festive being similar to Krampus but not belonging to him, a midpoint between Krampus and Santa. Pretty neat! :slight_smile:


Would any additional persons like to scan me? :slight_smile:

As I scan you I see this elemental being whose body is humanoid but he has no features, his body is of blue and black energy swirling around on his “skin” as I assess his energy the sound the energy makes it like hitting a gong and letting the sound vibrate for a period of time before hitting the gong again. The smell of your energy is a mix between a log being burned and sandalwood incense. The area it’s around seems like a wide sea with the being walking on water, which reflects the blue energy on his form which shows to me that’s part of him, water, the elemental energy, his energy atleast an aspect of it, while the black energy seems to give off this filtered dark energy, by filtered I mean it doesn’t seem like it has much properties to it but still part of you.


Oh, okay cool! Honestly I have no idea how to do that stuff.

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