Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Is it possible if anyone on here can scan me? Thanks.

Standing in the center of a whirlpool is the first imagery I get. Images emerge and disappear within the shifting walls of water as a blood red moon hangs high in the sky. There is a path opening up within the swirling water leading to a gate of some sort. I get the impression that someone was there but was elusive to my gaze.

I get the impression that there is a lead to what you are looking for within the depths of your subconcious.

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Thank you so much, man. I think I have an idea about the elusive figure you’ve seen. Maybe it’s Azazel, my patron demon. Good things to you, pal!

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@Epsilon_The_Imperial sent the reading to your dm.

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It would be fantastic if anyone could scan me, since I’m preety much a newbie here I can’t really make any trades :sweat_smile:

And since you been here since September you pass the 3 month waiting period.

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Hello I would like a scanning if anyone is willing :smiley: if not no worries!

Anyone willing to scan me? Thank you in advance.

I will scan TRADE, meaning I;ll scan someone who will scan me.

I’ll scan trade. I want you to scan for a full message Hegel has for me, not just a few words. I’ll scan back later, if you’d like to go first.

Thank you!! Here is your return scan. Dreadfully sorry for the superfluous amount of time I took to get back to you.

I don’t know if you believe in the concept of a spirit animal but I seen you as a bear. Strong, wild and free. You are very in tune with nature and you thrive via your appreciation and connection to it. You have an immense amount of strength and drive. I see this bear in the river catching fish. This bear is just naturally so good at caring for itself. Your independence is impressive as you don’t wait around for what you want to be given to you. You employ the energy and effort to go and get it yourself, and that’s the driving force behind your success.
Apologies if this doesn’t resonate. Haven’t done this in a while. :smile:

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Your scan was accurate.

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Could someone scan me? I could try to scan too however I’m not good at these scans

I see a dark figure wearing a gray robe. You are surrounded by wolves…your there leader and you order them to attack a figure surronded in light.

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:thinking: :thought_balloon:

I’m down for a scan. I don’t know how to scan other people though :frowning:

There’s a link to a post on how to learn.

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Thank you

Scans, Scans and more scans can someone scan my barcode I think I’ve been discounted. Although I’ve always been a cheap whore.


Is it possible what someone could scan me?