Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

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Hello there @Sha so here’s what I got, and wow um according to me the scans that I’ve done previously doesn’t compare to what I have found this time. You have undergone some intense transformations it seems for sure.

At first my mind seemingly had adjust a bit then came the first vision. Which was of a swamp like area, there were some dead or rather scorched trees here and there and they had no leafs, a woman was standing ancle deep in the water, which was blood red and the reason why is because the full moon above was casting a red light onto the entire area giving it and the woman a very ominous vibe.
The woman herself had black hair and black horns coming out at the front of her head there close to those of a satyr, her has was very long about half her back, her were green like emerald green and had a serene or calming but unpredictable feeling about them. If I’d say anything they were similar to the depth I am found in the eyes of Hecate when she chooses that manifestation. As the moon hung over her appearance changed slightly the black dress which covered her chest and legs just below the kneecaps became a very long full clothes dress that had a similarity to that of Malificents’ that’s a silly comparison but the dress was had a tighter fit and the fabric seemed to moving of sorts. A hissing could be heard as the moon seemingly grew a bit larger and two red cobras were manifesting out of her shoulders hissing at me, they were orange and red in color not dull but not very bright either, I recognize them as Dohmar and Deehakh to me this means you are a child of Angra Mainyu or Ahriman without a doubt. Your aura became very noticeable here, as the moon became larger it increased the aura gives off a calm flaming feeling, it’s lukewarm not very hot or cold it’s tempered and very controlled. The color of it is indigo bordering to very deep ocean blue a very spiritual color indeed. In addition with the snakes a raven is sitting on your shoulder. The raven takes off and fly in front of you guiding your way to through the swamp into another wasteland’ where the ground is seemingly scorched or made out of some black bedrock, and a large cave that has an spike shaped entrance made out of dark grey rock. You enter it following the raven and now walk down a spiraling staircase to the bottom I which you like a ghost from afar. Then when you reach the bottom there’s a huge pool that’s about waist height for you with astral waters. I remember you looked up and far above you there was a gaping hole reaching into the night sky the sky was dark blue at first then the blood red moon came i to view once more. It cast it’s light onto the waters which made it stir and then saw the old form which previously had embodied earlier in the vision, and in front of you something…appears it like yourself but in some really odd armor, then it shapeshiftes into a being that well sort of looked like this:


But the chest armor piece where more scale like, I’ll have to draw and post it later to make it more clear what I mean. The armor were grey like rain clouds like steel that hadn’t been polished in a while, the being was holding a large halberd like weapon at wrist height in a sort unmoveable position, I got the sense that he, yes he, was a protector of yours but you didn’t manifest one but two I got the sense that for me now these were to me for now, masked spirits, that are very close to you you looked into the fountain with an unwavering gaze and then some flaring red energy rose from the pool and latched onto you, seeping into your body, your eyes that were green before became yellow, like golden yellow like the yellow you find in an owl, the ring around the iris where green, whereas the inner part around the pupil were blood red. Your aura instead of the previous were more predatory red and golden it burned more brightly and was wilder in nature but that doesn’t mean it was chaotic it more refined chaos if I may put it that way. It speaks of a mystery of your energetic make up.

As for what all of this means I’ll get back to you what I find out about the symbology tomorrow, and I’ll also do the tarot reading by then.


Would anyone like to trade…

Yes, I would.

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I shall go first… @Epsilon_The_Imperial

There’s a strange energy surrounding you, I recognise it although all I can describe it is a mixture of Deep dark magic with the vibration and energy of the astral plains.

I see a battle field more your swords, armour and horses type then modern warfare,
There’s a smell of frankincense in the air…
I walk across the field across a bridge there at the gates stand a tall figure, he questions my lack of fear…
You long to travel a new path or you’ve started a new path recently.
The figure wears armour not only to self protect but the amour details represent the hierarchy…
The face remains hidden…but I feel this is more linked to the physical realm.

The warrior holds a flame in one hand and a sword in the other…the flame burns blue.
There’s a red embroidered cloak around his shoulders and I see the elements embroidered in gold where it clasps around the neck.

You draw a line in the ground as if there’s a choice to make…
There’s strength within and that will grow with knowledge…seek knowledge.


Whoa there folks, please remember this rule:

Swapping scans on open thread is fine, offering rituals etc isn’t, sorry but this helps keep some very bad people OFF the forum and if we start bending that rule, chaos awaits. :+1:


Would love to see what you guys get from me :thinking: it’s been a good while since Iv done this but I be down to try!

I tried myself on you, it’s the first time when I try this. I saw a shadow similar to a character I’ve seen once in an episode of spongebob (I tried to search, but I can’t find it), but this shadow being was looking more friendly. Then I’ve seen an eye watching me (probably you watching me or perhaps a cyclop??). I tried once more to see what I’ll get from you and saw a dark being just like a crow with arms fully extended, the details couldn’t be seen to well, and her face wasn’t friendly :sweat_smile: (it was pale with hideous features), it looked like one of those beings from greek mithology, a harpie if I’m not sure. So my final verdict is what I’ve seen the second time.

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Well that is interesting and most part the first for me :joy: Trying to think on this and well I do have an odd connection to crows/ravens. There is these black birds that,especially during high school, would watch me and I would call them the watchers (way before I knew that name was already given! :joy:) now with the eye I do feel I have some odd proctor around me, no one ever really see this being not even me so could be the whole eye thing. Then the shadow being won’t be surprised. I attract all kinds of spirits it seems at times and they would just be around. It is how ever fascinating you got the harpy how ever because I have this odd connection to more the underworld/Greek things even though I work with mostly mid eastern things (most likely because of my past life) but now that I’m sitting here thinking about this I won’t be surprised if I do go that direction some time or another. Thank you for this scan! Very interesting :face_with_monocle:


Will you return the favor? :slight_smile:

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I will do my best! It’s been a long time since I’ve done this and no offense you don’t immediately scream out something not sure this is on purpose or not :thinking:

So far what I got (not sure if it’s you or not) is earthy but in a northern tradition of ways but not overly done but yet not to simple though I have a feeling you like it that way with stuff. Man this may take me a while lol

Can you translate me? :rofl:

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Like some one that is more or so connected to Earth like magic such as Northern Europian traditions such as Nordic like Seiðr or even Tuatha de Danaans. But this can go into Shamanic or even more so Druid like. But I keep getting a picture or a north like area filled with trees. As I stated it’s been for ever since I’ve read anyone like this. I’m trying to get a soul color from you in hopes that helps any

What do you mean?

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Reading a person for their soul looks or type. I use to do this often and had luck with it. But for some reason besides me being rusty as hell, your energy is quieter compared to others on here.

Do you want to explain me more about that in private? :joy:

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I’d still like a scan 🤷


Do you want me to dig deeper the. What we already talked about?

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I would love if you did that!