Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

np, I like doing this sometimes, reminds me of my magickal strengths, who do you work with if I may ask?

I had a calling from Zagan a couple of weeks back. I posted it as well. But when I asked him to work with him I think he denied me. I think the problem is that I have very bad astral senses. I need to improve them before I start working with spirits again.

same with me I think

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All I see is a blue aura that spikes like a star and black wings rising from your back. There’s a black cloth on the floor behind you but that’s all I see as of right now.

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I would like one. Though, I need practice with doing this so the accuracy can be off. Once I scan back it’ll be around 5-6 AM or 5-9 PM tomorrow because I want it to be as accurate as possible.

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Funny. I’m neither connected to Azazel nor am I a male. Thank you for the insight.

Maybe I just got it wrong then. :confused:. I did have a hard time connecting with u after all.

You’re probably not even in the forum anymore. It’s okay.

I saw an Indian man on top of an elephant. Orange or yellow vestment and green or blue skin. He celebrated, had several luxurious ornaments, jewelry coming from piercings of his face to a crown-like structure on his head. He danced doing mudras. He was a nice and funny guy. It was a celebration, people danced around the elephant road at sunset.

That’s it.

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Hello stranger. This is the scan of a newb who went through your photo and decided to practice skills!

A white horse was the first thing I saw, then a large army of knights (who reminded me of the crusades), they was running in your direction, straight to the battle. EPIC.

Then I asked for your Godform and a large column of brown air or a whirlpool was shown in front of me, miles away. I was lifted on a stone and several (like about five) men in formal attire held “walking sticks” made of metals and sigils with both hands, the stones on which they floated to protect you, (because they looked like your guardians) had engravings similar to the tree of life.

That’s it.

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Would anyone care to trade?

Sorry, I scanned you.

The first vision: A man meditating and floating on the edge of a cliff, behind him a plain, the fog covered almost the entire landscape.

Second vision: A man who guided me in a palace / temple / church. He told me to look back, I did it and noticed some restless colored lights moving on the walls of the building (the architecture is very different from that of this world). The mist could be seen through the windows of that temple.

Third vision: My sight was on the head of a gigantic being with the figure similar to that of a classic devil, I was transported somewhere but I only saw one of its horns. The mist continued to cover the entire landscape.

The end.

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I looked at the sky, the sky was made of blackness and stone, and from the stone several small lights were lit as if the ceiling of the cave was the sky itself. The lights multiplied because there was water underneath and the reflection confused me so I didn’t know where the night lights and the water were.
When those little glows moved, the energy they emitted seemed static that corrupted matter and decomposed it for their benefit, or for fun. Then the floor was wet land with vegetation of a forest. I start listening music as if I were outside a nightclub.

Does that make sense to you?

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Hey would you be able to scan me too? :slight_smile:

The first thing I saw was an angel covered in light pointing to the ground. I didn’t know if this was interference, but when I guessed it the image disappeared from my mind.

I try again.

2 angels that seemed chained from the chest to a giant wheel moving. Then I saw feathers of different colors that taught that they were of different species, or to be used on different occasions, as a luxury formallity to wear. A man with a suit who taught me that inside his jacket the color was purple. I thought of you and a black void opened before me, I stepped into it, tunnels, tunnels made of black obsidian made wires lead me to a place I never reached.

I hope you understand, I’m a little tired, but that’s what I got.

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Dont be sorry, I really appreciate it. Interesting that all the visions contained fog. What kind of fog was it? Was it ominous? Or did it just make it difficult to see?

Thank you so much, i appreciate it :slight_smile:

want to try scanning me please? :innocent::smile:

I never got into scanning others before, and after my hiatus I’d like to try it out… is there any one willing to be target practice for me? :innocent:

To be fair the true self or “higher self” gender won’t always match your physical one. Some people are female in soul but reincarnated as male, or genderless but reincarnated as male or female, or can be both in soul/something else entirely in soul and be one or the other in physical.