Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back! (No tarot or channeling please)

I took a while to get back to you because I was trying to find time to chew on this, but I’ll give you my thoughts on this.

Yeah, this definitely makes sense. I shouldn’t have to feel like I need to argue, but so many times I feel like I just want to destroy people because I feel a lot of hatred towards the beliefs people hold. That, and my disgust over what I feel a lot of people are. That takes more time to explain.

I can see that in a way, that people saying things can be signs in a way. I am a bit hesitant to say it’s that strong of an indication though.

But learning about myself makes sense.


Yeah, I am trying to like move on and solidify it and all of that. It’s been a tough process.

I feel like I should share this with you, but I think one of the important things to understand from my own gnosis is that existence is not mathematically encoded as though it were just a math puzzle or equation, that it’s not so rigorously defined in that way.

But the acceptance part sounds cool.

The rest of the post makes sense! Thanks Faelansaga.

I think that that’s true but I do feel like mathematical involvement in things that I sort of visualize akin to floaty grids just now. I think maybe that is just a layer to things that can be tapped into. It feels important.

However the statement about looking into ourselves for the truth of math or how it really works— like, I think that’s true, in literal mathematics way but in a way that requires a deep dive. Math doesn’t have to be cage-like or solid.
If we look into ourselves, we can possibly kind of feel or see math is like a nothingburger. It ends up unraveling or dissolving to me, I think there’s a lot of experimentation to be had for sure

But I agree— Nothing really feels hardlined or rigid about existence to me and I think that’s the point.
Which is also why maths doesn’t feel that way to me either fully.


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Oh, what’s wrong? :hugs: :melting_face:

The struggle of maths :weary::sneezing_face:

Just take it one step at a time, sit with the confusion until it becomes clear, manage it like any other emotion.

Also, summon Paralda and work with the air spirits, they’re really good at academic stuff.

(Channeled from myself, just so you know.)

Also, don’t view these challenges as the end of the world. They’re not.

:melting_face: :hugs:

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Will anybody like to give me a scan?

Long time hey.

Can someone scan me, I will scan back.

I woild like an update please, thabks i. Advance

@telgega For you im getting that a dark deity with alot feminine energy but not completely. They are watching over you. There is a symbol im getting for you its a circle with a dot in the center on the outside only the points of all the directions are marked, but it feels more like an eye with eyelashes than a compass. This watchful eye is taking great interest and perhaps sending you some helpful guidance already.

Hope this helps


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Never scanned with you wanna trade ? :slight_smile: I’m at work if you wish so you can start first îl have yours in few hours

@Silverleaf I’m sensing alot of confusion, like you’re trying to block out things. Very Capricornian energy like your trying to hard to think skeptically or logically, rather than trying to feel. This maybe because you find emotions to be messy and somewhat yucky lol, but the more you put off feeling though the worse it gets. So you need to find away of getting the emotions to express them selves in a way thats healthy. Maybe try a feeling diary that way your releasing them through written word but at the same time letting them internally come out too.

Hope this helps


Want to trade?

Okay so i see we are well protected , saw images of a crocodile :crocodile: hmm seems to me a friend of yours or has a connection to you was hunting a bird , anyhow scanned your chakras i saw different colors like half a circle one side was starting black with some red and other colors like circles on top of eachother , and half was another darkish color like blue :large_blue_circle: asked something you should know i saw a butterfly , maybe a connection to fairies ? Seems to me it makes sense
That’s about it thanks a lot for your scan

Hey can I get a scan too?


I appreciate that very much, thank you!

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@ARD For you i’m sensing that you care to much about what others think about you even if you don’t know them at all. You need to realise that you cant please everyone and that you should be more selective with those you trust in your social group. Real people will be with you through thick and thin, free loaders only hang out when the time’s are good. So start looking for those who are there in the hard times there ones you should be embracing. Start cutting the users and abusers out. They arent worth knowing and there not worth listening to either.

I suggest doing some mental & emotional healing work. To help you be more aware and cunning of who let in and who to avoid

Want to trade?

For you I’m getting that Lilith wants you to work deeper into yourself, and that you would benefit from simply meditating and letting your deepest-most thoughts come to you. I get the sense that some demons want to work with you, and whatever you’re doing, you’re doing a good job.

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To many piles to choose from lol. You seem to have too many things you wanna dive into at once and its making you go a little all over the place.
I suggest picking by importance which ones need to be done right now in this period of time. Then go back to others later.

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Hey @kiss-lamia-lilith can I get a scan too, i will be so gratefull?