Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back! (No tarot or channeling please)

Anyone up to trade with me?

Never traded with you , let’s exchange , IL do yours after i wake up , too sleepy now xD

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I will sister!

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I tried to find out the name several times. At first, the name Samyaza appeared in my thoughts several times. But I decided to contact your true self to learn more about the name. I saw myself in a rocky wasteland, where a young warrior was sitting on a large rock. I noted that his eyes was silver.

I asked name of your true self, then I saw him draw the letters Y with a sword, and then A and Y again (they lit up with a red light). I understood that this was the beginning of the name, but I could not understand the second part. Then he grabbed my hand, said “Listen” and whispered “Mushta” in my ear.

So I thought the name would be Yaymushta, but he corrected me to Yamushta or Yamukshta.

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Can anyone do a scan to see for any parasites or blockages in me?
Thank you.

Actually, I think it may have resonated more than I thought, not hawks, but I have felt trapped and imprisoned all my life.

And I may soon be free, and I have been working on my heart chakra a lot, and perhaps me being free, which I think it will, will heal my heart.

Do you know what the demon looked like, and remember the weapon it was using?

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Oh wow wasn’t expecting this. Hahaha Well im still new to this so my scan will be very short but I’ll give it a try.

When I look at your name I immediately am given images of fae or fae like beings? The element fire quickly comes to mind along with earth.

I try to visualize a scene and am brought to a open field. The sun is bright and warm upon me and the sky is a perfect shade of blue. There’s not a single cloud around for miles. Everything around me is so comforting and serene. I kinda dont wanna leave. Haha The field is filled with gold and green vegetation and a forest lines the perimeter of it.
Again fire and earth?

When trying to see animals the image of a deer greets me. I also see a small bird…uhhh…a sparrow, I think? Its cute. :heart:

A beautiful woman with wild firey red hair and a lovely smile shows up and the name Bridget comes across my mind.

I hope this was relatable to you in some way. Again Im new so my mileage will vary. Lol

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I’m ready for a new scan

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yamushta looks amazing, could you tell me a little more about what he looked like? and that I would like to try to draw it

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This was a while ago, I don’t think I remember

I’ll trade a scan.

I see a blue land that looks painted with thick dripping paint and various hills. The area around is white. It looks very surreal kind of like a painting that would be featured in a modern art museum.

I think this a feature to part of who you are an area you can visit to escape but don’t necessarily live at. The area is calming.

To one side a giant window that an older looking library is looking out of with a fire place, colors are more brown and muted, this leads to other places. There is a small blue flame thst is always lit and very important.

Everybody, every picture leads to another area to escape, to learn more etc…

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I would say that he looked a little tired, but his whole appearance expressed a “steely character” and nobility. Yes, I want to try to draw (maybe a sketch or in color).

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Can I get a scan? Will scan back.

Thank you!

This is reminiscent of the area where Attakeria used to love to appear.

Attakeria loved and loves to travel, shall we say, to various places, territories, worlds, therefore, perhaps, these images are just connected with this fact. Well, blue fire is an expression of the essence of Attakeria.

Do you want a general scan or do you have a specific question?

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Just a general scan and maybe markings or links. Thank you.

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I feel a little better, what kind of scan would you like? :slight_smile:

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So at first I saw a green leaf (possibly oak), then an image of a bearded man appeared in front of me, which seemed to be composed of these green leaves. He showed me to a green meadow, in the middle of which there was a stone bowl with water on a pedestal, in which rose petals were floating. A star hovered in the air above this bowl. It seems to be related in some way to your emotions or subconscious. The forest man is possibly a spirit or deity of nature or the forest.

If we talk about the connection with the spirits, then I saw a tall, beautiful woman in a long black dress. She had beautiful bracelets on her arms. She pointed me to a stone archway and a door. I wanted to enter her, but she shook her head in the negative (it seems that this entrance is not for me or not for everyone). When I asked her what she wants to convey, she answered “Confidence” and, it seems, “Stability within oneself.”

Then I found myself in some kind of infernal space, where at first I saw a black rock, then a black obelisk, and then a figure of a red demon with seven or eight curved horns that formed a crown (in some way he reminded me of Belial). He sat on the throne very tall, like a giant. When I asked what he wanted to convey, he said “I will give strength.” And, indeed, a very intense, masculine, impetuous energy emanated from him.

If we talk about your aura, then I saw flashes of green, golden-red and orange colors. I also distinctly smelled cinnamon and lemongrass.

I was about to complete the scan, but suddenly I saw the Egyptian desert. A woman was walking along it, in ancient Egyptian clothes and with black hair (very similar to Isis). In her hands she held water, which periodically poured out of her hands. Where the water fell, greens appeared.

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If possible, could you also scan my specific question: is there a connection between Attakeria and Trita Aptya, and if so, what kind of connection is it?

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Thank you for the detailed scan, my energy has been feeling different because I’m not pregnant anymore.

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They have a mother daughter relationship.

The scan was good :slight_smile:
I’m not writing much because the rest was basically them leading me to that answer

For my scan I’d like to know how Lucifer can help me become a warrior for the helpless

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