Want to see beloved dad once again

I want to see my beloved father again, I would often have dreams of him initialy In the 1st year of his passing , now since I don’t have recurrent dreams of him anymore any advice on how I could lucid dream or astral project to see him again. I listen to lucid dream morphic fields my dreams are much vivid and can remember them but I have not been lucid yet. Any guidence appreciated.


Evoke your dad if you have one of his personal belongings.

Its the realm of Magick, dude. Just get in a trance and call upon your family using their personal belongings.

He’ll surely answer your call :ok_hand:


How do I evoke, do you mean pray and call out to his soul? I will do that thanks, but I want to see him and hug him that will only happen if I lucid dream or astral

Yes, if that’s what makes you comfortable.

if you want to hug him in the astral then talk to him about it. He’ll understand :ok_hand:

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You can also petition a psychopomp deity to try to make this happen.

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Sekhmet took me to my Ancestors on one medidation. I second asking a deity to take you to them.

Also an Ancestral alter helps immensely. Offer their favorite foods and stuff that they liked. It builds a connection.

Okay , Thank you for your kind suggestion, how can I do that ,can you pls elaborate a little

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Yes , I am doing that , i have separate place where I have kept their picture and also I give them offerings on a daily, atleast I make sure to offer a glass of water everyday.


Evoking his soul should help and since it’s evocation he may choose to appear as the physical appearance you know him as if requested.


I’ve been considering evoking my sister and mother.

For same reasons , missing them - since they both passed away. Like others have said, having things that relate to them will help you connect better - or asking a deity to help you astrally visit them ?

Sorry for the delay. Just got off work.

You’d call up a psychopomp deity and ask for their help with it. Hecate or Hel comes to mind. You could look for a list of them and see if any of them call to you.

I’m sorry for your loss. Be strong