Want to know what color your Aura is? Post your picture here

No problem mate

Any time

I see yellow or a dark blue in your aura

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An old friend of mine has already told me what color they see, but I’m quite interested to see how it is you interpret it.


Hi there @Damian I’d love to hear about the color or my aura, that is if you still have the tome.
FYI I’m a bit paranoid as the country I live in doesn’t take kindly to people being outside of the norm, and as a consequence my face will be hidden, I hope you are still able to read my aura properly regardless.

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Thank you so very much.

One sec everyone. Class is about to end. Will read everyone’s aura in a few minutes.

I see yellow or some type of red. Maybe green?

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Can really read yours all the lines that I look for are mostly covered by the marking you used to cover your face.

Yep, yellow/orange is the color he always tells me lol. Thanks! :orange_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart:

No problem lol.

I’m not super comfortable showing my face on these forums, but so have a hand instead.


Purple or pink

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Will post propper image later.

What sort of purple (or pink)? Dark? Light? Plain?

Hey there once more @Damian , I’ll use an image of my arm:

will this work or do you need my face? If you need my face I’ll have to PM you, as I don’t feel comfortable with a mugshot right out in the open.

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If i use my hand would it still work for you?

Don’t think my auras are muddled-When meditating before, I saw a vision of pretty much what an electromagnetic field diagram is like but around a human body


Light pink, plain purple if its purple

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