Want to communicate

Hi everyone im called tluanga from the north east part of india and i want to communicate with powerful demons so that i can get all i wants in life ,
I want to know everything about communicating with them and how it has to be done and to be safely communicating and have a relationship with them,and whom to communicate first safely,in my mind im having a fear that they would not like me,
I have a hope that they would give in return of gift,
What to give and how to make a speech with them
I would be very greatful

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What sticks out to me about your post is fear and wanting to do things safely

I always use the kaballistic cross or Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram as my safety measure so as a beginner I would start by going and learning those

Personally I did that from typing it into YouTube and watching videos

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Thanks a lot

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I’ll piggyback off of @InnerGoddess .

I use the Sphere of Hecat from Jason Miller’s Protection and Reversal Magick when I want to use a banishing ceremony. It’s another banishing ritual. There are several and you should find one you’re more comfortable with.

I would also start working on some psychic skills - clairaudience and clairsentience. They may be nestled under the term clairvoyance. This will help you with communication. Until those are developed, you can use another means of communication, such as tarot or pendulum methods. Do a search for those to see how others suggest using them.


Learn to open you third eye first. Or you can use pendulum to communicate with them.